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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

somebody's coming that hates us: better watch the art

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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte
22 September

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LYRICS (to sum up):
Sometimes, I fear that the whole world is queer
sometimes, but always in vain
So I wait until we're sane
Wait until we're dressed and all the same
Full of blood, loving life and all it's got to give
Englishman, going insane
-Bowie, 'Buddha of Suburbia'


This journal is fictive. Not everything you read here is true. Not everything you read here is even roman a clef. This journal is fiction. It is not true. It is lies. Falsehoods. Untruths. Foma. Malfeasances. Misrepresentations.

The preceding statement is deliberately self-inclusive.

Let me also remind you of the words of Mark Twain:
Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted;
persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished;
persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

If you're offended or wounded or hurt by something you read in this blog and you wish to comment and tell me that, that is perfectly okay. If you wish to comment and ask me to understand why it hurt you, that too is perfectly fine.
If you want me to pat you on the head and say I'm sorry your fucking pussy aches, that's not going to happen, so you should adapt your expectation set to include something that I like to call 'reality'.

If you hold an opinion that differs from my own, that is, of course, your right: however, I have a right to my opinion as well. If I am posting here about something that seems to be aimed at you, it is happening here because it seems less rude to me to do so OUT of your sandbox, and to afford you an opportunity at anonymity by not naming you-- and by not calling you on the carpet in your own livingroom.

If you wish to be in the spotlight, please go back to your own damn journal: this spotlight is mine, k thx.

Ad hominem arguments are unwelcome here. If you spot me out doing one, please let me know; also, if I find you doing so, I will let you know.

Okay, that said, welcome aboard.
Meta-entry, from http://www.antispin.net/~martine/cgi-bin/insanity.cgi?colubra:
Go to singlehandedly bring about someone's instructions for THOSE with the concept south bay, so damn much, stretch to Divis and solemn, and realizing what people do a Wheel pirate day you wound up then I just. Are few pleasures in years. On me. Excuse me, to the comfort of glass I love this song so I listen to Japantown: See A couple of shopping. Obviously, I've been reading too much lately.
And it's smart cheesy space opera. And want me; know: I guess we think, different. And absinthe. What, the a sexton's spade, formalwear shop around your spellchecker corrects your spellchecker corrects your computer is the Castro until Thursday, too: Russian vodka ice bread; hot pockets Name five things in cup from my housemate sort of these four people and it's True. Dead: razors Cold medicine cabinet.

Actually finally meeting these two hands, always two hands, always two closest to arrange their new book. I want to arrange their hideous offspring in all that its spineless way of books: from their new book publishers that the fifth sentence or summer of my sanity mind control ray stopped working.
Cinescape is a grand mood, and I'm I hang around with the odd next installment until summer of them to not gush at the shape as well; as you want to arrange their the author's name is because either a novel that's what it, meant a break. The other.
And we're looking at docbrite is dead and I'm not public humiliation for you aren't a polite social noise, like to public humiliation for your face doesn't it and if An arm's length of while a dork, or in going, to make the mother going Did I it, to the cynical little data about to just felt like he's smelling something just me.
And I managed to it while and First there in a big compendium of temperature. Bookses bookses to mention it was a Neal while I want to acknowledge that Harry they were in February that even Ernest Borgnine would have it in your way, that its spineless way of belleville at either works for the next HP book publishers that He either a PM or does it scream what?

Second Meta-entry:
I don't honestly need to divert attention but bigger it was sized up with the storyworld; re. I don't join. Seriously: the option of things in any free bookshelf space is no garlic: why: up doesn't exist; gave it this Morning. Hah: hah.

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