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Passing observation

Going through old entries on here today has been most illuminating. My style of expression has changed dramatically: I'm a lot more inclined towards brevity than I was two years ago. Though I do think, in some ways, I've shed useful means of utilizing language that I might have otherwise kept, in a daily journal sense (the novel, thankfully, continues to do a nice job of imitating a more colorful author).
I'll blame Facebook for this lesson of terseness- and a certain person I showed the door for poisoning the well on LJ, for me.

Also good goddamn I was a cranky guy back when I was working for The Evil Empire. Someone about a year ago pointed out what I think is the critical hinge, here: back then, I was making enough money I just didn't feel like my time was well-spent putting up with stupid bullshit, but now I'm willing to go 'and... that's your stupid bullshit. Have fun with that!' and carry on with my world. Very nice having that behind me.

I think I'm going to insist on at-least-twice-weekly posts here, and on them being in excess of at least 50 words. I'm not quite comfortable with how much more brief my use of language has gotten- specifically, I've been noticing that I have been writing more like Watchmen's Rorschach (personal pronouns? What are those?).

So: more to come, I do trust. Hopefully you've all been keeping well.
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Maintenance update

Added a few new friends- welcome aboard! You should be able to read a bunch of older posts of mine, now.

Spent the afternoon and evening going back through oh 6 years of my livejournal. Goodness, i was one cranky bastard back in the mid-aughts.

Dear Livejournal:

Can there actually BE such a thing as 'a global community of friends who share your unique passions and interests'? Not if they're unique there can't.

Tagline fail, kiddies. Tagline ultimate fail.