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August is the Month for Moving

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

August is the Month for Moving

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mucha mosaic
So this month, a whole horde of folks I know are moving. two into a new house that they bought (and which envy the heck out of, it's a gorgeous house); one out of a situation she feels very uncomfortable in into a better one. And about eight others.

What is it about August that makes it the month for moving, I wonder. Social conditioning from college/highschool? The knowledge that soon winter will be around and make moving a right royal pain?
The elves?

Your thoughts, as always, welcome.
  • The weather is still nice, the days are still long, and interest rates are still low?

    I generally note a lot of move-in specials in my area of the world this time of year. And you can get well-settled before any major holiday.
  • It's when apartment leases are up.
  • be glad

    at least we don't have moving day, like montreal does. july first.

    (brought over from scotland, apparently, where it was may 25.)
  • It should be later.

    I was actually told to wait, if possible, until September or October for the best lease deals and availability, because the summer and college moving rush will be over and it's much more a renter's market. However, my circumstances have decided that waiting any longer than absolutely necessary is in fact not healthy. We may be looking at September anyway, considering it's mid-August already.
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