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Michael? Milk them for a lot of money. A LOT.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Michael? Milk them for a lot of money. A LOT.

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mucha mosaic

Because I'm morbidly curious, I did some browsing. This story is the same as Variety's story on this- since not everyone subs to Variety, I will cut-and-paste.

Universal Pictures and Chris and Paul Weitz's production shingle, Depth of Field, have optioned "The Elric Saga," a multi-part, Tolkein-esque fantasy series written by Michael Moorcock.
Series began with 1972's "Elric of Melnibone." The Depth of Field option covers 11 books: the original six installments of the series and five subsequent novels that touch on the saga.

The film adaptation, which will be produced but not written or directed by the Weitz brothers, is conceived as a potential trilogy whose first installment will be culled from the series' first six volumes. The producers plan to shop the book to writers and directors.

The novels are sensual and atmospheric sword-and-sorcery tales that center on Elric, a brooding albino warrior who presides over an unruly, decadent island nation. The novels follow Elric on a series of adventures, in which he is betrayed by his cousin, sent into exile and attempts to come to terms with his own humanity.

"We have loved this series since we were kids and can appreciate it even more as adults. It's a sophisticated, literate, philosophically dense fantasy -- a sort of 'Matrix' of the sword-and-sorcery genre," Chris Weitz said.

Moorcock, repped by the Firm and agent Howard Morhaim, oversaw the sci-fi magazine New Worlds and helped usher in the "new wave" sci-fi movement of the 1960s and '70s. He also performed in the British hard rock band Hawkwind.

Moorcock will co-produce the project. It will also be produced by Depth of Field topper Andrew Miano.

U senior VP of production Donna Langley and production prexy Scott Stuber will oversee the project, which will be shepherded at the Weitzes' shingle by Matt Eddy.

I learned of this from unseelie. It makes me want to hide, because there is no way in hell this could ever be as good as I imagined the original books. No way in a hundred hells.

I hope Moorcock is making a MINT off Universal on this one. Or two. Or five. Or fifteen.
  • The books just got reprinted again, he can't possibly need the money.

    Maybe he's just seeing how much they'd offer.

    The good thing about Elric movies is that he could just write new stories; given how long he'd take writing the books he'd be done in a week, tops.

    I just can't really picture anyone playing Elric.

    Okay, except maybe Orlando Bloom.
    • Hmn. Bloom, w/ Johnny Depp as Moonglum?

      I'm less worried if they can make a PRETTY Elric movie (or trilogy)-- and more worried if they'll make a GOOD Elric movie or trilogy.
    • Oooo. There's a thought.

      The thing is, the Elric series is mostly pulp fantasy, it's just -- unlike, say, Burroughs' works -- very rich, very intoxicating pulp fantasy. I don't even know if it fits on a good-bad continuum -- Moorcock wrote the first book over a weekend for a quick buck. The fact that he wrote what he wrote more or less on the first try, and then kept doing it for book after book, I think launches the Elric saga off any continuum of good/bad and lends Moorcock a kind of sinister, savant genius.

      I think there are enough directors out there who could keep the spirit of the saga intact (Peter Jackson is a natural choice, but there's also Ang Lee I'd recommend highly, and even possibly the Wachowski brothers), and I think Moorcock is crafty enough that, even if he doesn't write the screenplays, they'll be true enough to the books.
      • The thing that gets me is the line 'it's a sort of 'Matrix' of the Sword-and-Sorcery genre'.
        What the fuck. 'a sort of 'Matrix' of the Sword-and-Sorcery genre'???
        What, 'A Wagnerian opera with albinos, bizarrely kinky sexuality, and inhuman gods' wasn't good enough?

        And I keep imagining Moonglum murmuring to Yrkoon, smiling peacefully, 'Dodge this'.
        • Oh, God, I'm glad I didn't read that article. Fucking Variety.

          Ew eweweweww.

          Fuck, Elric is one of the cornerstones of S&S fantasy. That shit's like calling Lord Dunsany 'the Stephen King of early fantasy'.
    • heh. you (and i, don't get me wrong, i, i, i) just want more movies featuring depp and bloom.
      • Yes, but more specifically:

        I want movies featuring Depp and Bloom which cannot be exhibited to people under the age of twenty-one. The sorts of movies that they show in dark little bleach-scented rooms at the Campus Theatre.

  • I hope Moorcock is making a MINT off Universal on this one. Or two. Or five. Or fifteen.

    At least fifteen.. because the mint, eet ees WAFER-THIN.
  • Okay, I'll admit that I first read the Elric series when I was about 11 years old. And that I've long been a fan of the first anti-hero I came across. And, some part of me feels proprietary in a way, after all when I grew up I didn't know a living soul that had a clue who M.Moorcock was, let alone Elric. ;)

    When I first heard of LOTR being done, I cheered to see that it was Peter Jackson that was involved. I have always been a great fan of his, and figured he would do justice to the story. And he didn't let me down.


    Weitz brothers doing Elric? The genius that brought us Nutty Professor II: The Klumps? Sure, you can say that Ants and the American Pie movies were good entertainment, but I dunno folks. I certainly don't feel the confidence I did with Peter Jackson. I think someone should slap M.Moorcock upside the head once or twice.
    • If Moorcock has already signed the option, and there isn't a clause giving him authority, it's out of his hands. The studio could make it a feature-length cartoon with Care Bears and Smurfs, if they wanted.
      • Moorcock will co-produce the project. It will also be produced by Depth of Field topper Andrew Miano.

        Co-producing gives him some sayso, dunnit?
        • Oh, yes indeed it does. I'm sorry, I keep refusing to read the article.
          • I can't blame you...
            If you do not succeed, then the Young Kingdoms will fall.

            I want my mommy.
            • i... just can't...

              i had seen braindead so when i heard p jackson had optioned lotr i feared the worst. call me a purist but i have never seen them nor will i. i look away when anything related even comes on terebi.

              i hear the scooby doo movie guy wants to remake dawn of the dead. now that's scary. i have always considered dawn of the dead one of the great horror movies of the eighties. terrifically satanic landscape, consumerist barbs, just very cool. but the scooby doo guy? and its gonna be pg-13...

              face it, this is gonna be terrible. just awful. hollywood is just too damm straight to get any of this stuff. though it would be cool if they did. the whole eternal champion thing is simply enchanting; could go on forever, corum, jerry cornelius, baron whatshisname, etc. yeah, its pulpy and basically hackwork, but hey, its good clean fun...

              • Yeah, it probably will suck hugely.

                I'd like to see two Merchant Ivory films (the people who brought us Room with a View, among other period pieces) devoted to the Ritters von Bek. Another, perhaps, devoted to Jerry Cornelius.

                So yeah, they're likely to suck hugely. But this is why I want Mr. M to make a mint off Universal from this. So I can feel like SOMETHING good came out of it.
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