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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The Fluorescence Test: created by queenofstripes & kifed from just_the_ash

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The Fluorescence Test: created by queenofstripes & kifed from just_the_ash

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mucha mosaic
Fluorescence is a term that queenofstripes suggests one should adopt as a positive synonym for 'eccentricity', if I understand her correctly. Eccentricity is generally a polite term for something dangerously unusual: flourescence is a positive strangeness/exceptionality/otherness. More data in her LJ. I'm 86% fluorescent.

Have you ever...
1) ...roleplayed? Y
2) ...roleplayed without rules? Y
3) ...had an imaginary friend? Y
4) Do you still have an imaginary friend? N
5) ...been regularly called by the name of one of your characters? Y
6) ...joked that you are something nonhuman? Y
7) ...seriously suggested that you are something nonhuman? N
8) ...daydreamed? Y
9) ...slept just for fun, to see what sort of dreams you'd have? Y
10) ...had a dissociative or multiple personality episode, or a hallucination? Y
11) ...created your own world? Y
12) ...lived in a world you created? Y
13) ...brought others into a world you created? N
14) ...felt like your own gender doesn't fit you? N
15) ...talked to yourself? Y
16) ...talked to inanimate objects? Y
17) ...talked to plants or animals, with no humans around? Y
18) ...attempted magic, telepathy, kything, sincere prayer, or a similar non-rational method of making something wondrous happen in reality? Y
19) ...ever perceived a musical note as a color? N
20) ...ever considered yourself to have a sense of wonder? Y
21) ...ever read for fun on a regular basis? Y
22) ...made up a game to entertain yourself or others? Y
23) ...shared so many catch phrases and in-jokes with your friends that you compiled your own dictionary? N
24) ...been creatively inspired? Y
25) ...felt so inspired you felt it as a physiological sensation? Y
26) ...been struck by an idea in the middle of the night, so intense that you had to write it down? Y
27) ...been fascinated by shiny or glowy things? Y
28) ...been distracted by a train of thought by something pretty? Y
29) ...used the DSM-IV as a checklist? Y
30) ...cuddled with a stuffed animal, within the last year? Y
31) ...been curious about altered consciousness? Y
32) ...achieved altered consciousness without drugs? Y
33) ...had a lucid dream? Y
34) ...kept a dream journal? Y
35) ...kept a diary? Y
36) Were you an only child? Y
37) ...gotten angry because you realized something you desperately wanted was physically impossible in the real world? Y
38) ...been so moved by a work of fiction that you cried? Y
39) ...thought of yourself as an empath, literally or figuratively? Y
40) ...been described as an empath by somebody else, with no prompting from you? Y
41) ...seen something so beautiful that it was physically or emotionally painful? Y
42) ...written someone else a love letter? Y
43) ...crumpled up a love letter you wrote somebody before sending it? Y ('rather than' as opposed to 'before', though...)
44) ...been in love with a fictional character? Y
45) ...felt bliss for no logical reason? Y
46) ...thought you might have a soulmate? Y
47) ...spent all night talking with somebody you just met? Y
48) ...had severe depression for a month or longer? N
49) ...seen a psychiatrist or therapist? Y
50) ...cut yourself deliberately? N
51) ...had an irrational phobia? Y
52) ...spent more than ten minutes stargazing? Y
53) ...had a friend whose sentences you constantly finished, and who constantly finished yours? Y
54) Do you usually stare out the window and daydream on long cartrips? ("Only Child Syndrome") Y
55) ...been polyamorous? N
56) ...been a political idealist? Y
57) ...colored your hair a color not occurring in nature? Y
58) ...found somebody with unnaturally colored hair attractive? Y
59) ...been glittered? Y
60) ...dressed up for Halloween, within the last three years? Y
61) ...painted your face? Y
62) ...decided on the spur of the moment to undertake travel plans that took you more than 50 miles? Y
63) ...decided on the spur of the moment to undertake travel plans that took you more than 200 miles? Y
64) ...decided on the spur of the moment to undertake travel plans that took you more than 500 miles? N
65) ...blown bubbles, within the last year? N
66) ...been to a rave? Y
67) ...been disappointed by a rave or other "countercultural event" because it was too commercial or the people were too shallow? Y
68) ...been "urban spelunking," going into parts of buildings where you had no practical business being? Y
69) ...fallen in love with a city? Y
70) ...called in sick just because it was too damned sunny to work? Y
71) ...skipped work or school in order to pursue a creative inspiration? Y
72) ...coined a new word that caught on with other people? Y
73) ...perpetrated a hoax? Y
74) ...been persuaded to change an important course of action by a piece of art or music or fiction? Y
75) ...shopped for yourself in a toy store since you turned eighteen? Y
76) ...lost sleep wondering if there is a God? Y
77) ...attended a pagan ritual? Y
78) ...made up your own religion? Y
79) ...seriously practiced a religion you made up yourself? N
80) ...practiced a religion of your own invention with a group? N
81) ...been told by the school principal or guidance counselor that "you're such a smart boy/girl, why don't you apply yourself?" Y
82) ...been sent to the principal or guidance counselor for doing something WEIRD? Y
83) ...had more older friends than friends your own age as a kid? Y
84) ...had more younger friends than friends your own age as an adult? Y
85) ...used the word "mundane" as a pejorative? Y
86) ...hidden hobbies or habits from your friends because they'd think they were age- or gender-inappropriate? Y
87) ...been bullied on a regular basis? Y
88) ...been compared to one of the following comic strip characters: Calvin, Ozy, Millie, Linus, or Binkley? Y
89) ...been bored at work on a regular basis? Y
90) ...tried to explain an idea, hobby, lifestyle, or feeling to a friend or family member, and had to give up in frustration? Y
91) ...been a sci-fi or fantasy fan? Y
92) ...ever owned a blacklight? Y
93) ...gone into a toy store (a real toy store, like Kay-Bee or Toys R Us) in order to buy costuming equipment or fetish gear? Y
94) ...considered yourself bisexual or bicurious? Y
95) ...been into BDSM or any other non-vanilla sexual practices? Y
96) ...worn accoutrements of an alternative lifestyle into public areas among mundanes? Y
97) ...worn such accoutrements outside by accident, without realizing it? N
98) ...roleplayed during sex? Y
99) ...been stoned? Y
100) ...woken up after being stoned and found things that you don't remember writing? Y
  • I only got 25. Apparently I'd be more interesting if I were kinky or if I got high. Oh well.
    • Dunno...

      I think that this test gauges 'interesting in this particular fashion' rather than 'interesting at all'.
    • Re: Dunno...

      I tend to agree. I mean, Lucy is also interesting; she's just interesting in a different way than Linus. She's a bit more... entrepreneurial.

      I don't consider "eccentric" a negative, m'self. :> But again, we're talking "eccentric in this particular way."
    • Re: Dunno...

      Yup, I was aware of that going in. My remark contained a certain amount of passive sarcasm directed at the author(s) of the quiz. It always amuses me to see how people specifically categorize unusual, eccentric, unique personality types, usually skewed toward their own particular flavors of oddness.

      I remember the drama/musical kids in high school not talking to the D&D people, who didn't talk to the hallucinogen crowd, who didn't talk to the comic book readers, who ...

  • Heh. I got a 95.

    But, um, what the fuck is up with question #36? Are you somehow more eccentric/cool/whatever if you're an only child? Fuck that noise. That's something people have no control over, and children of all birth orders have plenty of personality. Fuck that noise.

    • I think it's more intended to reflect that, as an only child, you're more likely to develop in different ways than kids who aren't.
  • Yes, I did understand that part, but my point is, you're just as likely to develop similar personality traits depending on other socialization factors rather than strictly birth order. A youngest child may be just as lonely as an only child. An oldest child may be just as independent. A middle child may be just as prone to daydreaming.

    My point is that it's a ludicrous thing to include in the quiz -- pretty much everything else is something that the individual taking the quiz has had some choice over or influence over (whether or not to experiment with drugs, whether or not to daydream, whether or not to question one's sexuality, etc). These are questions that indicate how the person taking the quiz thinks, how his or her mind works. They adequately relate back to the cute little 'fluorescent' appellation. Tossing something like birth order in there is tantamount to tossing in 'Are you an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius?', because fire signs are more dynamic than all those other pathetic loser signs. It has absolutely fuckall to do with who you really are. It's a pop psychology buzzword blurb on a checklist.

    In short -- I understand why it's on there. I just think it's a poor choice. But hell, it's just some goofy livejournal quiz.

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