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Proof that I can go way the hell too far for a linguistic joke.

Coworker says:
From a Japanese to English flashcard service I'm testing: uebu saito (web site).
[Colubra] LA CIGAR TOO TRAGICAL [arbuloC] says:
often, in japanese, the trailing vowel sound gets clipped. Especially when one's speaking in english borrow-words.
[Colubra] LA CIGAR TOO TRAGICAL [arbuloC] says:
so that comes out as ueb sait. but that is damn funny.
Coworker Speak quietly and move slowly, I may not attack. says:
Thee is a sound file pronunciation. OO-eb-e SAI-TOW
[Colubra] LA CIGAR TOO TRAGICAL [arbuloC] says:
Well, yes, that's the Most Proper pronunciation. The middle day of hte week, in English, is pronounced wed-ness-day. Nobody pronounces it that way, though. Similarly, in Japanese, 'domo arigato hajimemashite' is usually pronounced "dom' arigato hajimashtay". I'd bet uebu saito comes out more often than not ueb(schwa) sit(schwa).
Coworker says:
Or just like you would pronounce "web site" with a Japanese accent.
[Colubra] LA CIGAR TOO TRAGICAL [arbuloC] says:
saito is also (amusingly) a man's first name
Coworker says:
Heh. True. Such are the coincidences that drive future linguists to commit sepuku.
[Colubra] LA CIGAR TOO TRAGICAL [arbuloC] says:
[Colubra] LA CIGAR TOO TRAGICAL [arbuloC] says:
There's this morbid part of me that imagines about 10 years from now a Japanese AI program called Uebu Saito.
Coworker says:

Discussion ensued. A: imagining what Saito Uebe would look like, B: discussion of the schwa, and finally C: me giggling maniacally, saying that schwa was the 27th letter of the English alphabet and is named 'Buddha nature', as it is everything and nothing all at once.

Clearly I need more sleep.

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