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Quotes for all occasions, Installment the First: Public Transit.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Quotes for all occasions, Installment the First: Public Transit.

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This. Really. Happened.

So the #45 bus, in San Francisco, goes through the heart of Chinatown. At about 4-5 PM, it's PACKED with little old chinese women in their early 50's or older, all with groceries in hand. One day, this guy gets on in a trenchcoat, and opens it to display to the women on the bus that he is not wearing anything UNDER the trenchcoat. Wagglewagglewaggle. The women make irritated and disgusted noises, looking away- and one woman digs in her bag of groceries, whips out a bunch of bok choi, and SPANGGGGG nails the guy right upside the cock with it. He collapses to the ground and 4 or 5 tiny wizened Chinese women hold him down on the bus, pulping the bok choi by using it as a sort of pestle on his genitalia until the bus gets to the next stop, at which they bodily throw him out the back door.
  • ::dies:: No shit? God, I wish these things happened around ME.

    ...not =to=. Just =around=.
  • bok choy fu defeats evil Western, um, something...


    Don't mess with the packs of little old Chinese ladies, folks; let this be thy warning. I always suspected large amounts of bok choy could be dangerous, but... man.

    Considering the groceries I've seen little old ladies carrying on Chinatown buses, though, the guy's lucky it wasn't a large live fish.

    And I'd love to have seen the guy's file at General Hospital. "Cause of injury, please, sir? A *what*? Bwahahaha!"
  • heehee... :)
  • ...and then he went home and steamed the perverse bok choy and ate it while watching Three's Company.

    The End.

    • Actually...

      ...no, he got arrested then.

      This is an extrapolation from an entry into the SFPD police blotter ca. mid '90s.
      • Re: Actually...

        OH I thought you witnessed this firsthand!

        Who ate the tasty bok choy?
  • It ain't the Joy Luck Club.

    It's more like the Bok Choi Fuck Off Club.


  • Little old Chinese women...Check...
    Vaguely phallic vegetables...Check...
    Flaggelation of a real phallus...Check...

    Jeeeez, the lengths some guys will go to to get their fetish on, but you've got to give the man props.

    Man, I hope it actually went 'SPANGGGGGG'.
  • Little old chinese ladies rule!
  • YES!!!!!

    That rocks!!!
  • That does it.

    I am so moving to SF!
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