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What the Heck

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What the Heck

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April 6, 2003: The Justice Department announced that the total number of incarcerated U.S. residents exceeded 2 million for the first time; one out of every 142 people was in prison or jail. (source: Slate MSN).
...is it just me or does that seem like a somewhat HIGH proportion of the populace to have incarcerated? Are statistics comparable in say HORRIBLE COMMIE CHINA, say, or the sunny fertile tropical den of SATANIC COMMUNIST EVIL that some call Cuba? Good thing we're not fascists or anything.

The Slate MSN link above is to a story that is actually quite interesting (which unseelie pointed me at); What happened while the tail was wagging the dog in iraq, basically.
  • Start sending them to Australia worked for us.
  • Any stats on how many prisoners are there because of drug crimes?

    I still want to just simply legalize the whole mess and tax them.
  • Sometimes I wonder what kind of political state I live in.

    Maybe I would be safer in Colombia...
  • Here's the current figures.

    More than 8.75 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the world, mostly as
    pre-trial detainees (remand prisoners) or having been convicted and sentenced. About half of
    these are in the United States (1.96m), Russia (0.92m) or China (1.43m plus pre-trial
    detainees and prisoners in ‘administrative detention’).

    The United States has the highest prison population rate in the world, some 686 per 100,000
    of the national population, followed by the Cayman Islands (664), Russia (638), Belarus (554),
    Kazakhstan (522), Turkmenistan (489), Belize (459), Bahamas (447), Suriname (437) and
    Dominica (420).

    • I's confused.

      The stats you cite are 1 out of 145: clearly, slightly older than apr 6.
      So the Caymans makes sense; they're small enough, populationwise, that I'm not entirely sure there are a grand total of 664 criminals, as I'm uncertain there're 100,000 people residing there. That skews the percentages some.
      Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Belarus (or Belorussia, as I'm more used to seeing it anglicized) are all right up there, which sort of makes me wonder if this was the case under the Soviet regime, or if that's come to pass in the years of poverty and criminal activity since glastnost.
      Dominica, Bahamas, Belize and Caymans are all in the same boat; and then Suriname? What the hey?

      interesting statistics: thanks, jadiana!
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    • ah yes, true... I hadn't considered that aspect of it. But-- we're the #1 source of incarceration on the planet. And we talk about how free US citizens are in comparison to other countries.
      ...It FEELS like a fallacy of logic to me.
  • I started to look for, but got caught up in something else, numbers on crime just to do a comparison of nation to nation. I'd be interested to see if crime is less in nations with higher percentages of people behind bars.
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