I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Why I Hate My Job.

#1: Accept a task of about 4 hours work (create documentation for new tool) that has a RIDICULOUSLY far-off end-date.
#2: Investigate said task: find that the tool you need to be able to use so you can create documentation about it doesn't yet exist, so you can't prod at it and do your 4 hours work. You can do 1/2 hour of it. Do that work in about 15 minutes.
#3: Shelve for a couple days; work on the things that nobody else is doing despite your supe. saying that it's been assigned to someone else while you work on the task you've accepted.
#4: Repeat #2.
#5: Repeat #3; throw in some complaints from supervisor when you work on those things that were supposed to get done by others.
#6: repeat #2: do a little bit of work that can be done now.
#7: repeat #3
#8: complain at people about the fact you continue to repeat #2. Explain what you need done.
#9: repeat #3
#10: repeat #2
#11: repeat #3
#12: express concern about timeliness of document to supervisor. Get told it CANNOT slip.
#13: repeat #2, #3, #2, #3 in rapid succession.
#14: scream at coworkers that haven't finished the fucking tool yet. Get told it'll be done on a day 3 workdays before duedate.
#15: go to use new tool 3 workdays before duedate. It's not done.
#16: hand the stupid crap you've got so far over to your supervisor, explaining that it's JUST NOT THERE TO BE TESTED.
#17: wait for either a screaming fit or walking orders.


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