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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
well not really.

I got an email from amazon.com. Golly gee, they're going to ship me 2 copies of the new Harry Potter book, at standard shipping rates, to arrive the day it's 'in print'.
Honestly? If you were going to buy it and just haven't gotten the fool thing yet, go to Amazon and do so. 50% off is pretty good, but getting it at your home and avoiding the Harry Potter frenzy at your local book shop is fantastic.
I will hear no shrieking children, I will wrestle no housewives.
  • Or go to buy.com, if you have issues with Spamazon. I got the last HP book the day of publication (and 9 or so hours before all of the midnight parties) through them.
  • I will wrestle no housewives.

    Would you do it for charity? :)
    • Nein!

      Ich werd das nicht einem Hausfrau ringen!!!
      • Re: Nein!

        Ich denke Sie unterschätze Ihre Stapel-treibenden Fähigkeiten der Hausfrau, meinen Freund.
        • Re: Nein!

          Curse you! Now I have to pretend I know what you typed. :)
          • relajese!

            No te precoupes, amigo. Mi español es mejor qué me mi alemán ;) Pero yo creo tu puedes luchar con una esposa de la casa.
            • Re: relajese!

              Mon espanol, c'est pathetique.
              Encore en anglais, s'il te plait?
    • Re: relajese!

      Mi español, es bueno.

      I think what was said was:

      No te precoupes, amigo

      Don't you worry, friend.

      Mi español es mejor qué me mi alemán ;)

      My Spanish is better than my German.

      Pero yo creo tu puedes luchar con una esposa de la casa.

      But I believe you can wrestle with a housewife.

      And for what it's worth, I believe it, too. IN fact, I'd like to see it.
    • Re: relajese!

      Pas de probleme. mon amie. Que je dis a toi c'est:

      Don't worry, my friend. Mi spanish is better than my german. But I think you can still wrestle a housewife.

      Ça-va bien pout toi?
  • I went to amazon.co.uk -- still 50% off so you get the UK edition (better cover, binding, paper, and proper words for things like "Quiddich pitch"), including International Air Mail, for twenty bucks US. Oh, it's more now, but still not bad compared to other hardbacks.

    -- Lorrie
    • Only reason I went with amazon.com is because housemate has the first 4 in US hardcover: seemed silly to start a set of British copies at book 5. I'd planned to buy a set of the british paperbacks when the series is complete.
      • I hear you -- I started my UK hardback collection at book 4, after having picked up the first 3 in US hardback. I wound up getting the other 3 in UK hardback, and making a gift of the boxed set to a friend in Canada.

        -- Lorrie
  • Order hell

    One of my co-workers ordered the new HP book back in February of 2001 when Amazon briefly had it available for pre-order after a mistaken thought that Rowling would be publishing more quickly. Her order has been open and "delayed" since then. She's still getting it with free, expedited shipping and at the wonderful discount from back then. Wacky.
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