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Why do you hate Christianity, colubra?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Why do you hate Christianity, colubra?

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I don't, actually. I think there's a lot of use for it in the world we live in. I think there's a ton of things we could learn from it, and a lot of stuff that could improve the world we live in. In the immortal words of Mahatma Ghandi:
'What do you think about Western civilization, Mr. Ghandi?'
'I think it would be a good idea.'

That joke's crux is what I DON'T like about Christianity. I don't like the way it allows people to not think. I don't like the way it's used to ENCOURAGE people to not think- which is in no way what Yeshua ben Yosef taught.
Sometimes, I think of the shortest verse of the bible when I read about the exploits of these enemies of personal freedom and self-worth swathing themselves in the cloak of religious authority.
What's the shortest verse in the Bible, you ask?
Jesus wept.

With thanks to rfrancis for drawing my attention to this.
  • Hm... organized religion is an interesting topic to me. I think that churches, small ones, that is, in small towns, are good for people. They give people community, a place to belong, people to trust.
    However, when the church gets greedy and starts imposing too many rules, then we have a problem.
    You know, the Bible NEVER states 'no premarital sex'? It just states 'be chaste with yourself'. The church was taken over by power-hungry, egotistical men who invented Hell to scare people.
    Well, not really invented. Elaborated. Sinners don't go to Hell; they just dissappear forever if they don't repent. (And REALLY repent, not this crap about killing a man then saying four Hail Marys and doing thre hours of community service to get a clean slate.)
    Then, Hell itself will be cast into a lake of fire.
    Wow, this comment is REALLY not what I intended it to be... Forgive my ramblings!
    • Forgive us our ramblings, as we forgive those who ramble against us... ;)

      I agree with you: organized religion is a useful thing to society. but when a single or a group of powerhungry nasty little men takes it over, it stops being useful.

      Did you read the article? Scary stuff, man.
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