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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

NEVER do this in online roleplay.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

NEVER do this in online roleplay.

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mucha mosaic

Here's the pose:
Kaelinie suddenly freezes, in a position that looks almost physically impossible to hold, seemingly in defiance of the very laws of gravity, then her arms spread wide, her eyes open, gazing unseeing into the sky, hands open and lightly cupped, as if grasping the very firmament of the sky. Her mouth opens, and a single pure note is uttered and held, before trailing off into silence... and then the dance begins anew, the Great Dance, the Frightful Dance. The whirling Dance of Time, her movements now rapid and sinuous, like the striking snake and the darting fish, so swift and so sure that it seems almost as if there were two or more of her performing at once, as she spins and swirls in joyous abandon, abandoning the fallacy of self for the truth of the infinite void, surrendering herself to the ultimate expression of the deepest truths, to the void itself. The monk performs the dance normally only performed in the most awesome of ceremonies on her homeowrld, to honor and propitiate the spirits of the shrine.

What does this pose boil down to?
Kaelinie pauses a moment in a difficult-looking stance- then falls back into the dance at breakneck speed.
Why did it need to be THAT MANY WORDS to say this? Why were so many needed?
One of the other folks in the scene paged me with "Cease To Do The Dance Of Shame".

For those of you who write fiction or who roleplay online: more words do not create more importance. My favorite Ernest Hemingway line follows:

'Would you do something for me now?'

'I'd do anything for you.'

'Would you please please please please please please please stop talking?'
  • Heh.

    OOC thought process involved: "Dude, like, I am SO DEEP that you could lose a whole fleet of ships in me! Oysters grow massive pearls in my bowels. I am a home to a vast sea of plankton. Strange bright squid lurk in the darkest fathoms of my soul.

    So, like, WHOA. Respect the deepness. RESPEEEEEEEECT!"

    That pose hurts me. Hurts. Me.
    • Re: Heh.

      Ah, 4thwallah,

      My dear fellow, comrade in rage; I feel the pain as well. I feel it only now that you've pointed me in this direction, as if saying, "My gawd, this tastes awful -- try some!"

      Ah, online MU*s/games/chatter/what-not. Flowery prose...

      The beauty that is the shared experience of interactive storytelling, it does indeed blossom with well written prose. Through careful, measured watering it will produce a bloom whose beauty all may behold and appreciate. Through a torrential downpour of such magnitude, it'll sag, drown and die.

      Now, there's also a fertilizer joke in here somewhere but I'll leave that to someone else. ;-)
    • *chuckle*.

      That is absolutely fucking hilarious. :)
  • !

    Wow. There are a lot of things I will never even partially understand. I think this (online roleplay) is one of those things.
    • Re: !

      To me- it's like collaborative fiction. You write a sentence, and then someone else writes a sentence back that moves the story a bit. And back and forth and back and forth.
      That can be a lot of fun.

      But then you get these bints who pose nine paragraphs to tell you "I scratch my neck, and cough'... and it's enough to make you want to kill.
      • ohhhh.

        I think I've participated in a thing like that in an English class at some point. Except then it wasn't much fun. I'm sure it would be much better with a bunch of people who are doing it voluntarily.
        I already spend too much time at my computer, though. Right now I'm trying to generally cut things out of my life in order to get more time. I was going to start with LiveJournal, but one of my friends (real life) won't let me. I just need more time for everything... and now I've strayed drastically off-topic.
  • She worships... the VOID. *giggle*

    Okay, so I guess it's an in-joke.
    • Oh, that'll learn me not to read my friendspage logged in as my subsidiary journal.
      • It COULD be so.

        Strange woman. The one who wrote that monster pose, I mean.
    • Re: It COULD be so.

      Confused...I am...Confused...
    • Re: It COULD be so.

      Because I, of course, am not at all strange.

      I doubt she's referring to the same "the VOID" that I was, but I couldn't help but think of that when I saw it. Even though you don't know about it either, so why I bothered to post.... Oh right, tiredlateatnight.
  • Horrible piece-of-shit motherfuckers who emoted like that constantly are 47% of the reason why I stopped playing on RP MUDs.

    Not only did they have no idea how to write, they were such a loud and annoying minority that they managed to reverse the aesthetic polarity of their little universe so that that kind of text was actually valorized!
    • the ABSOLUTE worst of this bint was:

      She was posing at this length over and over and over, performing a religious ceremony that my character was attending. Well and good: it's a ceremony, I may not KNOW the ceremony, so please DO tell me about it in a verbose manner.
      But fuck, if you're going to pose almost 100 80-char lines about this religious ceremony maybe you should write some of them beforehand, instead of composing on the fly and making me sit there nearly dead silent for the better part of a half-hour, most of that time spent WAITING for a huge pain-in-the-ass pose like this.

      I almost never pose this long- and when I do, I'm doing it for an audience of one or at the most two. That's my major beef: it just seems terribly rude to expect 20 other people to care enough that they will sit still for this shit.
      • Yeah, I know a number of people who pose like this.
        It makes me batshit.

        'Rue the day? Who talks like that?'
  • The 'ae' part is a warning sign.
    • Okay, you win.

      I hadn't thought about that, but you're quite correct. Anyone who puts ae into their charobj name definitely is a pretentious git.
      • Re: Okay, you win.

        I like to think that it's less an absolute and more of a strong probability indicator (much like Shiny Black Trucks are an indicator for driving like an asshole). But perhaps this is merely because I once had a character with an ae in her name, and I hope I'm not this damn irritating to RP with.
        • I sit corrected

          Indeed- not everyone who has an AE in their name is going to be a pretentious git. perhaps people who use them who don't need to are more likely to be gits, tho? Kaelin, for instance, or Daemon (I saw that one on a shadowrun game).
    • Huh? What?
  • On a particular place I used to RP, people actually made annoyed OOC comments to the entire room -- that I was not giving them enough time to write their (70-line-long) poses, and that they would prefer it if I made longer poses and then waited for them to respond.
    I proceeded.
    To pose.
    Like this.
    Until they left.
    • all the gits from WoD and other lengthy places get WAY annoyed when you do that on Amber.

      most of the people there are lengthyposed now.

      but hey, i like to pose the way an actual conversation flows.

      interruptions are possible! you get to parse little bits at a time.
      • The big problem with long florid poses like that is that they hit the RP exactly like eating a pound of cheese hits your digestive tract. Everyone pauses for a few moments to read, to try to adapt, & so on.

        A lot of people who pose like this NEVER. EVER. EVER write ANY of their pose before the pose order comes 'round to them, too-- so you're sitting there waiting for these pseudoliterates to type.

  • In an upcoming sourcebook for a well known roleplaying game I was permitted to compose an essay entitled How To Keep Online (Game Name) Games From Sucking So Much. Shit like this was near the top of my complaint list.
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