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New Matt Ruff novel: thoughts.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

New Matt Ruff novel: thoughts.

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mucha mosaic
So. 'Set This House In Order: A Romance of Souls', by Matt Ruff.
The book's about people with multiple personality disorder. The old saws are all there about how one gets into this position (abusive family life, breaking into pieces to be as safe as one can, etcetera); what's interesting is that this is a non-MPD author, writing about it. It has... I'm not sure. It feels right, to me? It makes sense, so to speak. It doesn't seem cliched or what have you.
I'm enjoying it a lot, honestly- but I find myself wondering what someone more familiar with the syndrome in question would think of it. Pretty straightforward read, oddly (not what I'd expect of a book on such a big topic)-- but engrossing. Warm.

I'll see what I think by the time I finish it.
  • This is on my list (which does not necessarily mean that I will actually ever read it). My impression was that I would approach it as if it were an SF concept. That is, not as a reproduction/representation of a real phenomenon, but more of a what-if scenario. Based on the reviews I've read, it would work on that level. What if the mind could work this way? Here's what might happen.
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