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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Is it just me or...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Is it just me or...

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mucha mosaic
...has Buffy just gotten terribly bad?

For those of you who care, there are spoilers in the comments.
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    • That's two of us.
      • If you folks listen close...

        And tune out the sound of your computer fans. And the stereo. And the high metallic ring of the light fixture that's turned on across the room. And traffic-

        If you listen REEEEALLY close--

        you can hear tonight's episode sucking.
  • naw...just the costumes. but i won't argue with you about it.

    and glamstasm's right: whedon is doing for his firefly cast what chris carter did for the folks from space: above and beyond. a nice tradition, if you ask me.
  • I dunno. I didn't mind the episode. I'm finding it.. odd, and not sure what to make of it, but I'm not hearing it sucking either.

    I like the Firefly cast being in Angel and Buffy. I think that's pretty cool. But that's just me :) Seeing Mal and Chloe as the evil preacher and the evil being is kind of neat.

    But then, I'm a big goober like that.
  • So you started over again with episode one?
  • On a scale of "gah" to "bliss!"...Let's call it "Enh"?

    It's not the Buffy we know and love, but I actually feel like it was weaker in season 5...

    Maybe it was just the abiding hatred I had for Glory as a character.

    My biggest complaint about this season is actually the sheer volume of throwaway characters. Keeping track of the Slayerettes is just something I'm not willing to devote any time to, even if it does provide Willow with a jailbait-ish girlfriend. At least they're having the good taste to thin the numbers as we truck along...Nameless blond #2, stabbed in the gut-- alas(they so should've had the Rennt Lola parody-girl survive and whacked a generogirl-- is it just me?)

    So anyway-- enh. It's going out on a much, much higher note than, say, the X-Files. Which is...Something anyway.
  • Actually, I loved it, it left me a whimpering pile of sludge. And afraid to sleep with the lights on.
    • I'll agree with you on that one. I loved it. The only thing that made me kinda go "ehh" was the intro of Faith back into the mix. It was a bit low key-ish but it got better.
      • In part, Eliza Dushku just makes me want to skin kittens with a 2x4.

        Also, I don't like inexplicable magical abilities. It's a vampire so it can bite stuff, and it can climb up walls and so on.
        It's a werewolf, so it's big and hairy and clawy.

        It's the First so it can... uhm... well, it can do anything it wants to?
        It's the lack of definition that's cheesing me off here, though Father Calen the Occasional Sampson Stand-In illustrates it beautifully in a nutshell. Who is this guy? What happened to him? Where'd he come from? How'd he come to be able to throw a human being 40' without even breathing heavy?
        It's setting off the bullshitometer for me.
        • Re:

          Well, what set of bells in my mind was when he was speaking to Buffy and said something to the equivalent of: "You're the embodiment of all that is good."

          I'm thinking that Caleb is the embodiment of all that is evil -- think a Slayer except for the bad guys.

          They didn't explain Glory right off either. I think this is one of those "wait and see" things. I am sure Giles and Willow will be researching him as soon as they get home.

          But, again, that's just me. :)
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