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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

It bears reiteration

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

It bears reiteration

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mucha mosaic

There was a game named Ashes to Ashes.

I played on it up to about 1.2 years ago.
I didn't enjoy the end of the period I spent playing on it, which also coincided with a lot of other unsatisfying shit in my own world.

I bitched about how unsatisfying that shit was, rather than concentrating on the shit in my own world that was even more terrifying and unsatisfying.


I quit the place in disgust over a year ago. Yes, I'm sure you're disgusted. But at this point, talking to me about the place is a good way to wind up with me disliking you.
  • You know I love you to death...

    that said?

    I am not making a "I'm gonna mention Ashes and therefore include anyone who RPs online except colubra" filter.

    The most I'm willing to do is LJ-Cut it with a warning it's about Ashes. And then you can choose not to click on it. Any more than that is you telling me what to talk about in my own LJ, and not even for Evercool.

    The tantrum is not likely to encourage people to do as you wish, hon. You said you appreciated my friendship and the occasional smack upside the head when you are getting over the top?

    You have a right to not want to deal with it. I respect that. But the threat of ending a friendship over mention of a game?

    Just scroll past and go turn up your David Bowie.

    It's not worth stressing yourself over this much.

    • I'll touch base with you outside of this forum: check your friendslist. ;)
  • Ironically..

    I had a dear friend tell me I should come and play at A2A with her because it's such great fun there just today...

    I've only just stopped shuddering.
    • Truth be told,

      I'm sure there are people having great fun there.
      I'm sure there's even a way you could have great fun there.

      The point isn't that there is or isn't good fun there- the point is that at this point I'm just miles and miles past caring, and am getting irritated that some people want me to care about something that offers me nothing in return for that caring. ;)
      • Re: Truth be told,

        Yeah, I know a bunch of people who are too-- call it the general heebie jeebies I feel whenever I encounter a largeish WOD game...Heebie Jeebies whose origins you know all too well. ;)

        And it's not like I have time.

        I relate all too well to the 'past caring' bit. Reminds me of my feelings about Otherspace once Wes went insane/I left...Everybody had a status update for me for months. Getting them to comprehend my utter indifference took a great deal of time.
  • I'm disgusted with the place. I've never been there, never RPed there, but boy can I tell you how disgusted I am. Whoo doggie.

    What am I disgusted about?
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