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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Weird PKD moment, and what the FUCK moment.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Weird PKD moment, and what the FUCK moment.

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mucha mosaic
PKD moment from Time Out of Joint: Talking with a friend and looking at buildings and discovered that my mental image of the Empire State Building is completely wrong.
The Empire State Building is an ugly building I dislike.
I had always thought that the Chrysler Building was the Empire State Building. Been completely certain of this. Weird.
I'm reminded of the guy in Time Out of Joint who reaches to the right of the bathroom door for the lightswitch that he knows is there-- but it's not there. It's never been there. It's a toggle-pull over the sink, not a lightswitch. Huh?

And for the what the fuck (cribbed off The Conversatron by st.rev):
A chimpanzee. Who knows karate.
  • I looooove the Chrysler building. But I love this icon more.

    Many hugs,
  • !!! st. rev!

    I wondered whatever happened to him. :)
    • Good and bad.

      As to everyone.
      He graduifimicated, and is now teaching at a school in Georgia not too far from where he was in grad school. Mister's no longer with us, sadly. St.Rev seems to be doing pretty well overall.
  • That karate chimp rules.
  • allegedly that bathroom moment happened to PKD himself. Can't remember where I read this. Might be in the amateurish but interesting documentary "The Gospel According To Philip K. Dick."
    • I seem to remember it in the book of interviews that came out shortly posthumous. Forget the title of it, though.
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