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stupid quiz, and 50 things I love.

Snape, the Snapester man!
You are Snape! You are Head of Slytherin House, of
course and look really good in house colors.
That isn't the only reason you are a good
Slytherin of course. Note the *glare* (!)

Which Slytherin Are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

1) Chris Connelly
2) the smell of an old book
3) vanilla coke (NOT the canned sort, ideally)
4) John Malkovich
5) sushi
6) sunrise when you're well-rested for it
7) Elvis Costello
8) David Bowie
9) "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel
10) Alphonse Marie Mucha
11) having shaved with a fresh razor
12) London
13) Tokyo
14) San Francisco
15) swimming
16) Kraft macaroni and cheese. The old-fashioned kind, not the stuff with the creamy packet of eew.
17) teriyaki
18) sunny but chill weather
19) Terry Gilliam
20) Haruki Murakami
21) John Crowley
22) when you explain something to a little kid and their face lights up and goes "OH"
23) Jhonen Vasquez
24) 1920s neo-gothic temples of commerce, esp. The Shell Building, in San Francisco.
25) The smell of fresh-mown grass.
26) Bizarro, by Piraro
27) Michael Moorcock
28) archaeology, esp. mesoamerican
29) thunder & lightning, esp. well-timed
30) the NIN "Perfect Drug" video
31) Annie Lennox's voice
32) Alison Moyet
33) Punk Rock
34) indigo
35) pale slender boys
36) pocketwatches
37) white gold
38) falling asleep to the sound of rain
39) Cool Water cologne
40) cashews
41) home
42) The West Wing (esp. the dialogue)
43) coffee
44) green tea, esp. with a hint of mint
45) driving into San Francisco through the fringes of St. Francis Woods, Parnassus, and the Inner Sunset.
46) Midnight
47) the feeling of the new couch- it's like flannel denim.
48) wit
49) candles
50) nightmare before christmas

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