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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Aigh brain hurty.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Aigh brain hurty.

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mucha mosaic
'Man. I am SO in the mood to listen to the dead kennedys.'
'...the what?'
'Dead Kennedys? Jello Biafra? Old-school punk?'
'I'm into punk.'
'Great. Dead Kennedys were early 80's.'
'There was punk in the early 80's?'
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    • It only got worse already.

      'Yeah, you know, Black Flag? The Clash? The Circle Jerks?'
      'LOL I don't know any of those bands.'

      • Re: It only got worse already.

        The only possible reply is "oh. Then you're not into punk. You're into punk revival."
        • Re: It only got worse already.

          As someone who lived through the early 80's on both the Punk and the Ska sides of the fence in turns, it's sort of ironic to me that this whole thing may have been forgotten by the people now using those monikers.
          • In love with the coming malaise

            Ah, EIGH-TIES
            I'm livin' in the eighties
            I have to push, I have to struggle, OH
            Get out my way, I'm not for sale no more
            Let's kamikaze till we get there!

    Please, please, please beat them with a stick for me.

  • TELL me it wasn't David
    • Fuck no it wasn't me. I know (at least of) all the bands listed on the page so far. :)

      I'm not quite that bad. Shesh.
  • Had to refrain from killing the teenager who described himself and his friends to me as 'punk rock kids' but who meant raver stuff, basically, by it. No anger, just peace and love and rolls. :b
  • Noooo! *openly weeps*

    Somone hold me.
    • ::holds aquaindigo::

      I weep for the younger generation.

      (And who DID this person know and consider punk? Please tell me it at least wasn't Avril Lasagne...)
  • Gah, people...

    Didn't you know that Nirvana invented punk in 1991? Duh. Billie Joe Armstrong is my God!

    Screw the 80s, where's that 70s punk goodness? Has she heard of the Ramones?
  • hmmm

    see, that's The Trouble With Young People Today - no classical education.
    Wasn't Jello's "names for bands" so funny for the first - I dunno - 30? times you heard it?
    BTW, ~waves~ I'm caitycat - you wrote something cool on srallen's post - so I cruised on over.
  • Saving Grace

    So she went and downloaded a bunch of DK, GBH, Clash, etc on my recommendation.
    First comment on Black Flag: 'Well I can see who Social Distortion are trying to be!'
    Second comment (on DK): 'Who's the singer? His voice like forces me to pay attention. Weird stuff. I'll have to listen to more.'

    She was also glad I'd offered her a bit of a broader musical perspective, since her perspective on 'punk' was so limited, and she plans to buy a Black Flag album tomorrow.
    Jello would be so proud of me.
    • Re: Saving Grace

      Now quick, screw her up by pointing her at Adam and the Ants _Dirk Wears White Socks_!
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