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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
So I found this website out there (well a friend did) which features photos of J-Pop sensation Camui Gackt in the nude.
It's a 'men's beauty clinic', which sounds like a perfectly reasonable proposition... then I translated some of the text via altavista.

MEN'S super beauty white Lee deflection < Beauty white of heeling face Lee deflection + W >
With the ?????? of the healing which the Gackt you experienced, even the man would like to aim toward the fine white skin!
" Super beauty white Lee deflection being lack of sleep, feeling was good to the skin which becomes tired. With favor of fresh vitamin C, sensitivity the good white skin could be recovered. (Gackt)"
The face stimulating the pot of the head which is connected, while relaxing, it is the course which is somber the soiling and the skin of the pore thoroughly CARE.

- If now, the trial experience comfortable fully 60 minute 3,000 Yen (classified by tax)

For those who are into Gackt, the thing is here.
  • Ooooooo, cute! Thanks, colubra!

    Oddly enough, I just kicked off a mix over at djfanboy's with a Gackt tune. It should be burned and ready for hearing over at glamtasm's birthday celebration, along with the mix I did on Monday evening, plus a few of djfanboy's.
  • Heh. Isn't 3000 yen only $30 bucks, though? Pretty cheap for sex!
    • ...you know, you're right.
      It still sounds like a 'massage parlor' to me, though.
  • Is it just me or do his abs look completely airbrushed?

    And there's one shot in there where he's totally doing the Dana Carvey 'NAKED TIME!!!!' pose.

    I mean, you know, not to mock your man and all, but. NAKED TIME!!!!


    • They do look airbrushed.

      I mostly was going '...he has that much of a butt? huh.'
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