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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

A quiz after my own heart.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

A quiz after my own heart.

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mucha mosaic
Favorite authors: Gene Wolfe, Jonathan Carroll, John Crowley, Neal Stephenson, Vladimir Nabokov, P. K. Dick, Michael Moorcock, Neil Bartlett, Samuel Delany
Favorite books: the 'Book of the Long Sun' quartet (Wolfe); Bones of the Moon & Land of Laughs (J. Carroll); Little, Big (Crowley); Pale Fire (Nabokov); City In the Autumn Stars (Moorcock)
Favorite classic book: The Scarlet Letter, Summa Theologica
Favorite children's book: Weetzie Bat
Favorite short story: The Marvellous Ice Cream Suit (Bradbury)
Favorite Poet: Yeats
Favorite Poem: Leda & the Swan
Favorite book genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literature
Least favorite book genre: Romance
Most expensive book owned: Depending on retailer this is either the 1st edition of Land of Laughs, or first trade edition of They Fly At Ciron
Most recent book bought: The Scar, China Mieville
Most recent book read: The Scar, China Mieville
Current reading: Return To The Whorl, Gene Wolfe
  • As Land of Laughs is now signed, They Fly at Ciron is firmly in 2nd place.
    • As I now own a copy of John Crowley's 77-copy 1st edition of 'Antiquities' the Carroll and the Delany are now a bit lower again.
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