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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
Okay, it's NOT just me.
(said link includes ugly political commentary and an invocation of Godwin's Law. You are forewarned.)
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      I don't understand why the comment 'he who does not learn from the past is doomed to repeat it' (which is what the link boils down to) is irritating.
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        • I didn't feel talked down to.

          But I did feel like he wanted it to be easy to spot the parallels for people who haven't studied their World History for the past 75 years.

          I spotted it a paragraph and a half in. "Yeah, Dubya's done this, yeah, he's done, that and --oh, shit, this article is not about Dubya."

          • Re: I didn't feel talked down to.

            That was my take too-- one can't go broke underestimating the ignorance of the american public.
    • I support the freedoms we have (or, used to have -- notice how they're being eroded?) in the United States. That does not mean that I'll support "whatever happens". I don't support my country becoming an aggressor, I don't support us overturning a faraway government that honestly represents no threat to us, and I don't support us engaging in actions that are most likely to cause more terrorist attacks against us, thus giving the government an excuse to impose martial law.

      "Supporting the troops" is really a red herring. I can support the individuals in the military without supporting them being deployed.
  • Thanks for posting that link, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who wonders about the shrub's long-term goals. >_
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