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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Where's my goddamned walker.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Where's my goddamned walker.

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mucha mosaic
The Hall of Fame inductions were... oh, gruesome, and fascinating, and gruesome. Did I mention gruesome?

Gruesome #1: The Righteous Brothers. If you get OLDER, you LOSE some of your high range, and you should PERHAPS KNOCK THE SONG DOWN OUT OF THE KEY OF FUCKING IMPOSSIBLY HIGH. Anguish was had.
Gruesome #2: Seeing the Clash up there and realizing that not only did they look like their own goddamned fathers but they SOUNDED like them and ACTED like them. It was to grimace and wince. And Mick looked like bloody Gomez Addams.
Gruesome #3: AC/DC. Daaaamn but their vocalist has lost his high range. It may still be out there somewhere, but it sure's hell isn't with him.
Gruesome #4: Sting.
Sting who looks like .
Gruesome #5: realizing I remember the first Clash album on the shelf at a record store. I remember the Police getting played at the record store near my home. I remember AC/DC being too terrifying for aged parents; now they ARE aged parents.
I feel old, oh do I.
  • sting has officially entered the "good-looking OLDER guy" category.

    but then, this is coming fro the girl with the weird lance henriksen crush, and he's past sixty now.
  • I was just talking to my sister about all this. Back in the day when I had delusions of being a rockstar and lived in Hollywood, I knew all sorts, from the fairly famous to the unknown-but-hey-you-can-dig-up-their-picture-on-the-internet-to-this-day.

    And when I knew them, they were 20 something girls and boys. Now I see pictures of some of these folks (and to be honest, it's the only reason I watch "where are they now" or "behind the whatever" on VH1 - I get a giggle on occasion) and I think they cannot be as old as they look.

    Hoping I don't look at old now as they do I rush off to a mirror to search for wrinkles. ;)
  • Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'... into the future.
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