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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
I just don't understand the tendency of folks to expect people to do what they want -- without giving anything in return. I don't understand what is so terrible about me that it makes anything I touch anathema to a huge batch of folks -- but when I express frustration I get told that it's my fault that I was treated like a leper.
I don't understand why this sort of behavior seems to merit any sort of validation, and I don't understand why it's always all about anyone else. I don't understand why I knock my ass off to try to make an environment appropriate to the discourse I seek and get shunned like the black plague -- then when I walk away, I get to watch everyone /swoop/ on this environment.
I feel like I must be the most horrible person in the world or something. I know that's not true (after all, I know who the most terrible person in the world is) and yet it certainly seems that way.

And then people wonder why I think they suck.

You're probably reading this, you who are the subjects of this post. If you are, don't bother trying to explain yourself. Just look at what is voiced above, and realize that it may have been born in your actions. Contemplate that. Don't just dismiss it like you always do. Seriously think about that.
  • I could offer consolations...

    ... or I could just offer to peck their eyes out.

    Your choice.

    Although I suppose I could peck first, then offer consolations...
    • Re: I could offer consolations...

      Oh, I can do my own scolding, catcalling, and pecking when it's needed. But thanks. :)
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