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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Why am I up this early.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Why am I up this early.

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mucha mosaic
So I took a look at the statistics on this sofa that's supposed to be here soon.
Max. length: 111 & 3/4".
Care to guess how many inches are going to be hanging into a doorway? if you guessed 'about 1/10th its length', you're right! Care to guess how high the ceilings are? yep, there's a ton of this beast that wouldn't fit if you tried to stand it up on end. Did I mention that if you come in the front door you have to pretty much hang a right /into/ the apartment at 90 degrees-- then hang another 90-degree right turn once you're inside to get into the hall to the livingroom.

Height: 35"
Care to guess how wide any door in the apartment is?
Care to guess how wide the bookshelf with 1/3rd my books on it, which is in the way, is?

It's a good thing I got a lot of cash to tip these guys.
  • reminds me of helping out an old friend of Stacey's when I moved out here. We actually contemplated rigging up a pully and hauling a four seater couch up the outside of his building and through his window. Riiiight, smart idea.

    Good Luck :)
  • Your average mover is so hopped up on uppers that he can bend spacetime itself, easily making your sofa fit (and hopefully without summoning non-Euclidian horrors from the starry deep).
    • I shall think in terms of Dirk Gently.
      I shall think in terms of Dirk Gently.
      I shall think in terms of Dirk Gently.
  • Reminds me of putting my futon together, and waking up the next day wondering where the bruises on my upper arms had come from.
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