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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Happy White Day! and other interesting discoveries

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Happy White Day! and other interesting discoveries

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mucha mosaic
So this is something I didn't know of before now (And is brought to me by the nice people who run http://www.jlist.com):

Today is White Day, the day that Japanese confectioners and retailers have decreed will be the day men give something back to women who gave them a gift on Valentines Day, one month ago. While white chocolate is a favorite, other popular items include candy, cute character goods that say "Thank You" and more. If you got some chocolate from a Japanese girl on Valentines Day, be sure and give her something today!
Steak and Blowjob Day came to mind-- but at the same time, this seemed somehow... cute. Sweet. I dunno.


I am listening to a harp piece commissioned by a fantasy author: he asked a friend of his to write something intended to be played by two harpists, as his world features people who are conjoined twins rather often, and there is one scene in the first book where a pair of conjoined twins are playing a pair of harps.
It's an interesting piece- very... lovely, very strange, very unique. it's not Celtic harping, for openers.
The piece is composed in a very curious 3/4, as well.
The name of the piece is the same as the name of the trilogy of novels: 'The Stone Dance Of The Chameleon'. You might hear it, if you like, on this page on the author's website, where there is also some commentary on the process of creating the piece. The composer's named Phamie Gow: her website is http://www.phamiegow.com
  • Shit, today's White Day? I meant to do something about that.

    Wait, I don't have to do anything about it.
  • And sometimes they give white lingerie on this holiday. It's so funny that this is a day that is completely made up by the retail industry and it's been successful.

    If you got some chocolate from a Japanese girl on Valentines Day, be sure and give her something today!

    *stiffles bad jokes right here*
  • Yeah, in Japan on Valentine's, it's the chicks who give stuff, and to everyone, not just boyfriends/husbands (although they get the biggest box of chocolate). It's a giri thing. White Day appears to have been invented by a marshmallow manufacturer (really), but it's still kind of cool, especially the reciprocatory part.

    Personally, I'd demand a reverse, since I like dark chocolate and my boyfriend likes the white stuff.
  • I like this harp piece. Thanks for the link! It is not, however, in 3/4. There is some syncopation, which may be what gave you that impression.
    • Isn't it a curious composition? I'm not sure I've ever heard its like before. Which is pretty neat in and of itself, given how many musical pieces I've heard. And ooops. I'm terrible at identifying time signatures, I freely admit this. Ah well. ;)
      • It a 2/4 or a 4/4, but definately in that realm. Nice use of syncopation indeedidoo.

        ...*I miss studying music, sometimes....
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