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Drooling fanboy update:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Drooling fanboy update:

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mucha mosaic
Plus side: They're redoing A Lion In Winter on Showtime. It'll have Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in it as Philip King of France.
Minus side: Glenn Close and Patrick Stewart are apparently officially old enough for the lead roles. I am apparently approaching nigh unto wizened.

Plus side: They're redoing 'The Last Unicorn' as a liveaction film (instead of the... regrettably abridged animated G-rated version).
More plus side: JRM will be in it, playing... Schmendrick.
  • Mnnnnnnnn JRM...


    I knew they were doing TLU again as live-action. Kelly and I were talking about that earlier this fall. curious.

    Unaware of A Lion in Winter though. Good to know :)
  • oh, come on. you've heard the patrick stewart/spider story, right? i've already told you this about ten times, right?
  • Ooooooh!

    I thought I'd read something about that on imdb.com, but a friend debunked it as just a re-release. Checking back, the cast listed thus far merely consists of the original voice actors:

    Christopher Lee .... King Haggard
    Mia Farrow .... Molly Grue
    Angela Lansbury .... Mommy Fortuna
    Rene Auberjonois .... Captain Cully and voice of the Skull (voice)

    Except, Mia Farrow was originally the voice of Amalthea. But whatever. I definitely approve of JRM as Schmendrick. ;)

    Now they just need to make movies of His Dark Materials and A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I can die content.
    • Oh, no, this is for real... ;)

      from http://the-last-unicorn.net:

      We have the pleasure to announce that Mia Farrow has accepted to play Molly Grue, the outlaw woman with the pure heart that can see a unicorn. Ms. Farrow has already brought the unicorn itself and Lady Amalthea to life in the original animation classic with her fabulous voice acting, so we are especially proud to have her in our new film, too.

      We have also the pleasure to announce that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is willing to be Schmendrick the Magician. His incredible versatile and inspired acting style will add to the character humour, depth, passion and unforgettable moments.

      We are also very pleased that two of the world's finest composers have expressed their interest to work on the new soundtrack: Adiemus and Sacred Spirit ( Virgin Records).

      1106 new storyboard pictures have been produced to clarify all the special effect scenes in details and a complex technical production concept has been establish to co-ordinate all the special effect departments and the many CGI companies involved.

      The production is now scheduled for a December 2004 theatrical release. We are currently in the middle of set and creature design and expect to start shooting in June 2003. The production will run parallel to the production of special effects and CGI (computer-generated images).

      New storyboards: http://www.the-last-unicorn.net/new_storyboards.htm

      Producer: Michael Pakleppa
      Executive Producer: Joe Dreier
      Creative Associate Producer: Ray Cooper
      A Continent Film Production

  • That is a bit ageing, but I must see this Lion in Winter. I hope someone tapes/TiVos/releases it on DVD so that I may have the privilege. ooooooo.
  • Cool :)

    One of my favorite author memories was going to a Borderlands Anniversary party with Peter S. Beagle sitting on a stool with guitar singing old French Love songs. :) He used to do that back in the day at restaurants. Very very cool. His readings are also amazing. I almost cried when I heard him read "The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche". I've always loved the Last Unicorn too. :) I don't have Showtime, so I hope I get a chance to see the remake!
    • Showtime's for The Lion In Winter; The Last Unicorn is (allegedly) for theatrical release. Yay!
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