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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

So why do I MUSH?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

So why do I MUSH?

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mucha mosaic
Damn fine question.

Suggestions of answers would be appreciated.
  • Masochistic tendencies?

    Or those rare moments when everything comes together just so right, and the scene captures your every braincell and wraps them up in a huge 'ohmigod' and brings on such a high you babble about how great it was for weeks before you come crashing back down to realize that you are surrounded by morons and fucktards again with a few shining, bright points of light that are not.

    Oh, and it's cheaper then crack? :) :) :)
    • I'll go with masochism and cheapness, as the second option here hasn't happened in at least a year for me.
  • You keep in touch with people you might not otherwise have kept touch with.

    You get to get out your creative energies in an interactive environment [albeit a not always rewarding one].

  • because GOD HATES YOU
  • and then...

    after you figure out yours, could you explain why I KEEP coming back to LARP?
    • Re: and then...

      Masochism, cheapness, and interpersonal contact, perhaps?
  • You don't! You mud!
    • Once you've come back from your high colonic, perhaps you can explain why I mud, then.

      • Comin' into the home stretch:

        Masochism, cheapness, interpersonal contact, and pedantry. Perhaps also agnosticism (per kynn).
  • Because you love ASS.
    • Masochism, cheapness, interpersonal contact, pedantry, and porn.
      This is actually starting to sound like a realistic description of the why, sadly.
  • (t.rev)

    Out of compassion, and the knowledge that the rest of us would be just that much more lame without your subtle guidance.
  • Because you're a frustrated writer?
  • Inertia?

    Because occasional reinforcement creates the strongest form of conditioning, meaning that even though you haven't experienced that moment of brilliance for more than a year, having experienced it, you keep seeking it despite the vast preponderance of experiences otherwise?
  • So the answer seems to be: I MUSH because:
    interpersonal contact
    frustrated desire to be a writer

    You know? It may well not be worth it.
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