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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic

Is it just me or does this fellow look like he just got dragged out of bed and propped up in front of the camera? It's actually the alleged al Qaeda operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. You know. The apprehended alleged criminal of the millennium.

You'd think they'd put either a more neutral photo of him up- or one where he's like dismembering kittens or something. I know the expression he's wearing here- 'oh goddamn can you /get/ that fucking /light/ out of my /face/ I'm /exhausted/'. He's too human. Too sympathetic.

Bad propaganda, BushCo!
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  • Maybe I've watched _The Long Kiss Goodnight_ too many times, but... there's a scene in that movie in which the bad guys are setting up a supposed terrorist action to get government money, and they've got this supposed terrorist dead dude frozen in a meat locker, later to be planted in a car that supposedly fled the scene. And he looks a lot like that. only, well, a little frostbitten, and wearing more than an undershirt. (I suppose we should be glad terrorists don't, this week, wear black trenchcoats.)

    Considering there are some news rumors that the guy they captured was supposedly killed months ago... hmmm. Or are they clones?
  • That or it's proof that John Belushi faked his own death. *shrugs*
  • It becomes funny.

  • yeah.

    I, too, was thinking about how freakin' bad and ugly that poor guy looked. And that appears to be like the only photograph taken of him, because it's the only one i've seen&151;everywhere.
  • I thought they DID drag him out of bed when they arrested him.
    • He still looks like he's thinking 'god, when I wake up I am so gonna hit you'.
      The point's more that the photo looks like somewhere we've all been at least once in our lives (though hopefully not that hirsutely, gack!).
  • My sole response was that they must have caught him while going to investigate a domestic disturbance.
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