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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

No! You must not read from the meme!

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

No! You must not read from the meme!

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I will someday, when he least expects it, horribly maim thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme
thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme is proof of the malevolence of satan and god's uncaring desertion of hs children.
If I were alone in a room with thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme, I would
violate the Geneva convention upon his person.
The personwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme needs
to be ethnically cleansed.
I want to
severely and resoundingly punish thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme.
If I used one word to describe thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme, it'd be
I know that thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme likes
my unending hatred, else, he wouldn't court it so avidly.
When I think of thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme, I think of
Stalin, Hitler, and defenestration.
Someday, I think thepersonwhostartedthisstupidfuckingmeme will
get what he fucking deserves, inserted through his skull at a high muzzle velocity.
  • I adore colubra.
    I will get to have a martini someday with colubra.
    Colubra is evercool. I should know. I nicknamed him that.
    If I were alone in a room with colubra, I would probably start up the, "oh, damn, lament, whine, why are you gay?" schtick because it amuses him.
    Colubra needs to chill out and relax a little, I think.
    If I used one word to describe colubra, it'd be: formidable.
    When I think of colubra, I think of how I met him. When Scarlette called him "Ken doll."
    Someday I think colubra will start wearing a trenchcoat and pulling a sword out of thin air to fight with 'cause he's pulled that immortal shit.

  • We love you too. ;)
    • I just really dislike this meme for a few reasons. Foremost among these are A: it comes off TERRIBLY desperately attention-starved, to me, and B: the questions so... beg for mocking.

      This irritation has nothing to do with anyone.
      • Re:

        A) Yes of course it is :) Which is part of why it is funny and amusing for those of us who are neither desperate nor particularly attention-starved, just easily amused.

        B) Of course they do. The more mocking the better.

        I suppose I could have just posted COME! LOVE ME NOW! YE SHALL WORSHIP AND TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU ADORE ME! but you know.. then it wouldn't have made quite as nifty a poll. ;)
  • Thank you. I'm not the only one!
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