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So I decided I'd practice what I preached. If I'm going to whine at people about how they really ought to stop screaming about the same shit over and over, and should use their livejournal as a means of self-reflection, then I ought to give the same thing a shot.

On the plus side, I don't really find myself bitching about anything that I see as still on the table, but you know, my outlook on the world has changed drastically. Also on the plus side, that: it's changed for the better, no question. 5-6 months ago I was ridiculously depressed. I can see that, now.
And now I sit here, moodily introspective (no, introspective about mood), and feel thoughtful and curious.

So... done with that stage of my life.

I can't get why I love this album so damn much. The lyrics are strange, the arrangements are spare and somewhat ordinary... and yet somehow it's just this beautiful gorgeous thing.

</i>Darling, I must confess, these moments of mine don't come easy
Darling, I told you more or less, be sure as we drive to the sea
as sure as this evening caves in on me.
Darling, take a look outside, these bells greet, the spirits fly
the moments rush, the ice dies
the sun greets, a sacrifice to us...
More, I just cannot say, drive the car into the waves
Love grew in stranger ways, like the sea that fell from grace.
Darling, if you could see me now, the last of my blues lost at sea
Darling, if you could believe me now, be sure sound the horn for these souls
Be sure say a prayer when the island bell tolls.
Darling, build your oceans wide, your castles asylums are
sand on the island, the grappling hoo, the driftwood now float free...
More, I just cannot say, drive the car into the waves
Love grew in stranger ways, like the sea that fell from grace.
--Chris Connelly, 'The Ultimate Seaside Companion'

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