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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
I have an unholy influence upon the doings of musicians.
Back in '97 I started getting insanely antsy wanting a good Love & Rockets album, or a great Peter Murphy one, and BOOM: Bauhaus album.
About 3 months ago I started getting on this serious jones for Eurythmics. Dug out all the albums, put them in the cd case, etcetera.

Today, I absently go to my favorite Eurythmics fan site and find THIS.

So what's next; do I try to get Led Zeppelin back together, or do I try for the Beatles?
  • the pixies, definitely.
  • I heard about that earlier today, I even thought about going to her Atl concert, but I am having trouble justifying 75$ for the seats per person in that particular venue. Ah wel, I have a few days before it sells out maybe..

  • Velvet Underground?
    The Wailers

    By the way, Tracy and I were talking last night...you STILL owe me a makeup birthday present for the Bauhaus tickets...
    • Tour date:

      15.04.03 Washington DC, USA
      The National Theatre
      Tickets onsale Fri Mar 14, 5pm: box office and telecharge.com (?), $65-100

      I'm NOT buying you 2 $65 tickets, bub.
  • This is your notification of being befriended, because I like your words and I like your icons. (I'd make a wisdom icon with Gilgamesh or Enki, were I doing it, but that's because I prefer Sumer to Babylon, and Hammurabi is too.... modern for me.) and I liek teh bits of symbology i pick up from teh icons.

    Though my automatic button has been pushed, the one that always gets pushed when someone mentions New Order and not Joy Division...
    • the Blue Nile
    • the Cocteau Twins
    • Hüsker Dü
    • Jellyfish
    • the La's
    • My Bloody Valentine
    • the Trash Can Sinatras

    On the other hand, I've got plenty to be happy about with recent (for certain values of "recent") comeback work from:
    • Caravan
    • the Chameleons
    • Peter Gabriel
    • Scritti Politti
    • Steely Dan
    • XTC (although they didn't break up, they just went on strike)
  • October Project.
  • Beatles.

    Zep's even more of a lost cause.


    (though could you rustle me up a sbd from 06.25.72?)
  • Led Zeppelin has more living members, go for them.

    Anything to get the taste of 'UnLedded' to go away.
  • (no subject) -
    • Or perhaps they'd just replace John and George with Julian Lennon and John Taylor, respectively.
  • By any chance does this peculiar superpower of yours explain that new Boston album??
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