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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Stupid quizzy quizness.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Stupid quizzy quizness.

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mucha mosaic

The sixth book written, you're nevertheless the first chronologically. You not only describe the creation of Narnia and tell where the White Witch, the lampost and the wardrobe came from, you get to bounce between worlds with the help of Uncle Andrew's weird magic rings.

Find out which Chronicles of Narnia book you are.

Given that this is my favorite of the whole pack of the books... I'm pleased by this. :)
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    • Re: hee.

      Now look at logs of the alt I've been playing on the MUSH we're both on from recent past: you'll see that Roddy is having a fantastically good day and nobody ever tells you why.
      That was my favorite recurring joke in C. S. Lewis ever. ;)

  • The only book which doesn't take place in Narnia at all, per se, you're the story of a voyage to find the end of the world and hopefully the Seven Lost Lords (remember Rhoop!). You contain some of the most unique people and places and beautiful descriptions of the whole series.

    Find out which Chronicles of Narnia book you are.

    I knew I'd be this book. Did I get it because I knew it, or did I know it because I was going to get it?
    • probably because you knew it: I noticed the quiz had some very obvious bits. ;)
      • On the other hand, I tried to get The Horse and His Boy and ended up with Prince Caspian. Odd.
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