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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

This will not be your favorite entry of my livejournal.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

This will not be your favorite entry of my livejournal.

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mucha mosaic
This entry is likely to piss a couple people off; it will get interpreted as me telling you what to write in your journal, and I know a lot of people have issue with that sort of thinking. I'm not telling you what to write: I'm trying to suggest there're things you should do with what you write.
So why shouldn't you whine in your livejournal? It's your Livejournal, it's your life. Do what you want, right? And yes; I agree. Whine to your heart's content, crucify your coworkers on altars of their own idiosyncracies, complain that your boyfriend doesn't understand the special and unique snowflake that you are. In the immortal words of Kevin Kline's character in Fish Called Wanda, "Go ahead, pal! Fuck her blue!' That said: maybe you need to examine WHY you use your livejournal to write what you write. Setting it down on paper doesn't guarantee some sacredness: why should putting it down on a hard disc?
nihilistic_kid wrote this little rant about this topic (or alternately, some armchair psychoanalysis) which does have some usefulness on this topic. Personally, I think that you should write what you like-- but part of the purpose of keeping a journal is self-analysis: the ability to go back to something months later, skim through your diary entry, and go 'wow; okay, why did I react like THAT?'
This is the only thing that I look at with LJ and wonder about; how can people keep running through the same shit over and over and not get sick of hearing themselves stub their toes on the same obstacles? Fuck, PICK UP YOUR GODDAMNED FEET already!
You may read nihilistic_kid's analysis here.
  • ... but part of the purpose of keeping a journal is self-analysis: the ability to go back to something months later, skim through your diary entry, and go 'wow; okay, why did I react like THAT?'

    Not for me. I never reread. I'm only here to interact with my friends from Dino. When I post something, it's because I want to share something with them because I think they might enjoy it or be interested. No journey of self-discovery here. Nothing to see, move along.
    • Indeed.

      You are not using Livejournal as one would use a typical journal. Personally, I have not noted any tendency to bang your head against the same wall over and over in your entries, too.
  • For some people typing it out defuses whatever force of anger is behind it. That's how it is for us: We blow up in the journal, then cool down and deal with the situation more rationally.

    We're the kind of person who sneaks into the bathroom at work, and tells the imaginary boss off in a whisper before going back to the job.

  • i'm nodding repeatedly at what you're saying.

    and then noting this: not only are journals like these (for some) the places to record instances of freak-out and flare up, often over the same things over and over again, so that we may look back and say, 'hmm, why AM i letting that thing get to me so much?' and places to growl, 'stupid dog-licking mother*&^k65, why can't you be anything but lame?!' and then resume civil relations with people in-person and nnot lose jobs or friendships. but also places to do all this with an audience. it's a second check system, as it were. our friends can see what we're doing, sometimes even when we don't. and sometimes the comment area isn't the best place to point out, 'hey, have you noticed that you're kicking that same rock over and over? there's areason you have to keep bandaging the same toe.' but if we are keeping these records where people we know (to whatever extent) can see us, it seems to me that there MUST be some desire to have others notice what we do not.
    • Some folks, when you comment 'this is the same rock you stubbed your toe on last week; what does it mean that you're complaining about it again this week?' assume YOU HATE ME OMFG YOU HORRIBLE BEAST YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ME AAAAAAAAAAAAA.

      Not that I've seen that happen to me or anything. ;)
      • I admit it. I piss and moan, bitch and whine about things that don't change. Most of them in my own case, of course, are monetary in nature, and what I can do about it, I am. But I share your utter distaste about those who do the same 'oh, I'm horrible, nobody loves me' etc whine/rants on a weekly or sometimes more than weekly basis.

        I think the defining point is when it crosses the line from 'eh, I'm sick of this shit' to 'wah, wah, my pussy hurts, wah'. One can state, even repeatedly, that they're sick of a situation or circumstance as long as they're doing what they can to FIX it. When they wallow...

        Well, we all wallow sometimes, but it's easy to use up our allowance. :b
        • I am a bastard, and sometimes answer such rants with 'You're right. We all hate you. Your parents regret your birth, your significant other is thinking about running screaming from your entire gender because of you, your boss sits awake late at night thinking of ways to torture you while he touches himself in naughty ways.'

          --generally, people respond to this with 'hey WAIT they don't all hate-- oh. Oh, okay, not everybody hates me, I just feel like they do.'

          That's fine! feeling like shit's perfectly valid in my book, and I do it regularly myself. I just get tired of people who sit there going 'the sun isn't shining today. It knows what I did.' That shit is fucked up.
  • (no subject) -
  • I am a damn fucking special and unique snowflake, and everyone should understand that!!!

    Okay... maybe not. ;)

    But that line just cracked me up so I had to respond.
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