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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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people are very... peopleish. I'm sitting here reading one friend complaining that a person she doesn't even know is trying to screw her out of a situation she's enjoyed for several years for mysterious reasons, and getting irritated with the person screwing her. I spent the day at work basically trying to cover for two and a half people... after starting my morning out spending an hour in a meeting with somebody who is demonstrably too bleeding stupid to know where her nose is, and somebody else who is smart enough to know where it is, but apparently considers wiping the snot off of it to be beneath her station in life.
Stupid. Bleeping. Monkeys.

Yet somehow, I come up as DIB.

Invader Zim Quiz v2.0 @ Space Monkey Mafia


    Invader Zim Quiz v2.0 @ Space Monkey Mafia

    I took the old quiz...And then, I was /both/ of the Tallest.

    Oh, the crushing duality of it!
  • Yes, you come up as Dib.

    Poor Dib.

    The only one in his whole universe to realize the truth of who Zim is, and why he's here.

    The only one in his whole universe, despite his father being a super genius, who knows the truth, but he can't do anything about it from his impotent position.

    The one who is surrounded by those who mock and misunderstand him because they don't realize the knowledge he has and how important it is.

    Sounds like you to me -- if we were to take you to a huge, psychotic extreme.

    As Jhonen takes all things.
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