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Screw this organized religion shit with a rented dick.

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Screw this organized religion shit with a rented dick.

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This post is probably going to trigger some people's flailing and shrieking. You are welcome to flail and shriek, but try to be civil about it. ;)

So this organized religion stuff seems to, actually, allow a great deal of Pilate-like washing of hands in place of actually doing, you know, the work of this Yeshua ben Yosef dude who apparently said 'wouldn't it be keen if people weren't dicks to each other?' a couple millennia ago. For every asshole out there shrieking, today, about how THE US MILITARY IS GOING TO HELL NOW THAT DADT IS OVERTURNED, there's nine more Christians who aren't doing that... and who are not telling this guy to stop doing it in their name.
There's the real rub here- it isn't that every Christian on the planet is a bigoted moron, but that they don't tell the bigoted morons to sit the hell down and shut the hell up. I'm willing to believe that many- even most- Christians actually have Christian ethics about doing unto others, loving their neighbors, and so on. But these gentle folks are completely overpowered by the shrieking of the bigots who pretend to be their brethren, yet who violate St. Paul's dictates about not evangelizing, hate their neighbor, and do unto others as nobody but them's entitled. See, that's where my real problem with organized religion comes from: if you're genuinely into this Christ dude, don't you have to follow all the instructions in the manual? Aren't you required to love thy neighbor as you love thyself? And surely someone who's doing it wrong- who's picketing a funeral because GOD HATES FAGS or who's throwing rocks at someone black because GOD HATES BLACK PEOPLE- is someone you're supposed to tell that they're doing it wrong?
Really? Isn't that how it works here, or am I mistaken? After all, I only grew up in a church and attended fucking seminary for a while. Maybe I missed the 'be a shithead' section of class... but I really doubt it.

I'll tell you what. I'll try to keep my folks from vandalizing your church, flipping off nuns and stuff- if you can do what you can to keep YOUR folks from being Fred Phelps. And I know that he's not YOUR Christians, he's a Weird Little Sect of Christians. But that doesn't make it unnecessary for you to say 'hey look, he's a jerk, we hate him too'. It just makes those of us outside of the faith-based community see 'there is 1 complete jerkwad... and there's 99 people who are letting him call himself by the same name, and saying nothing to counter what he says. Maybe there is a strong undercurrent of Christian homophobia, and you just have 1 guy who's willing to admit to it, out of that 100'.
  • In some sense, I do blame the media here. Fred Phelps shrieking GOD HATES FAGS or you and your pastor saying 'hey, you're cool with us'- who's a more interesting front page? But it does seem that even in the more lefty papers, nobody's pointing out that, for instance, cubes's church turned up to counter-protest, or their pastor commented 'this shit's bananas, you know; not anywhere in the bible whatsoever'. I find it to run against Occam's razor to suggest that this is just the paper's fault.
    My folks are the kind of Christians that I think Christ would've been happy to meet, too- and I do think that sort of Christian outnumbers the hateful bigots using his name as a cloak for their inhumanist views. From out here, though, it seems like the gibbering idiots don't get enough (read: any) encouragement to shut the hell up and stop tainting a decent religion's name with their crazy.
    • To some extent, it's the nature of the (human) beast. In any group, however you slice 'em, there will be the bad apples giving everyone a bad name, and in the end not much can be done to stop them. Christians, Muslims, Jews, gays, straights, men, women, Americans, whatever. Some people in every collection will hate some other group enough to make a big stinky mark all over their own clan.

      Counter-protest? Yeah, it might show a few people in the immediate vicinity that I'm not with him, but it would be unlikely to draw any media coverage whatsoever and even less likely to change the bigots' minds. I happen to be a believer in walking the walk and trying to serve as a good example for those around me (not that I never fuck up, sometimes I'm just as pigheaded and wrong, and I can only hope and pray that in those cases I can -- gently -- be shown the error of my ways). I speak up occasionally, when I think it has a chance of doing something beyond igniting passions and causing heels to be dug in even harder. In the end I just don't believe there's much effective direct action against the loons, whether they be fellow Christians, Americans, women, or cat-lovers.

      The press, and much of the public, eat up the batshit crazy and pretty much ignore the rest. And it's HARD to be batshit reasonable.
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