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Passing observation

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Passing observation

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waugh posse
Going through old entries on here today has been most illuminating. My style of expression has changed dramatically: I'm a lot more inclined towards brevity than I was two years ago. Though I do think, in some ways, I've shed useful means of utilizing language that I might have otherwise kept, in a daily journal sense (the novel, thankfully, continues to do a nice job of imitating a more colorful author).
I'll blame Facebook for this lesson of terseness- and a certain person I showed the door for poisoning the well on LJ, for me.

Also good goddamn I was a cranky guy back when I was working for The Evil Empire. Someone about a year ago pointed out what I think is the critical hinge, here: back then, I was making enough money I just didn't feel like my time was well-spent putting up with stupid bullshit, but now I'm willing to go 'and... that's your stupid bullshit. Have fun with that!' and carry on with my world. Very nice having that behind me.

I think I'm going to insist on at-least-twice-weekly posts here, and on them being in excess of at least 50 words. I'm not quite comfortable with how much more brief my use of language has gotten- specifically, I've been noticing that I have been writing more like Watchmen's Rorschach (personal pronouns? What are those?).

So: more to come, I do trust. Hopefully you've all been keeping well.
  • I look forward to seeing you posting :)
  • Welcome back.
  • I am delighted to see this post: I love it when you wax rhapsodic and philosophical.
  • Glad to hear we'll be seeing more of you around here!
  • I approve of this post.

    Also we must drink scotch at some point. We even live in the same city, dammit! It'd be so fun!
  • I am all in favor of more postiness.

    I don't know if it's entirely a monetary thing re: Evil Empire: I think it was also stress and time. That is, "I don't have time to spare to put up with your stupid bullshit, I have no spare patience for same, and I am too stressed for same".

    Admittedly it is nice having that kind of money to throw at the sorts of problems which money can solve, but our technology is not yet so advanced that we can buy patience, more hours in a day, or an anti-stupid-people shield.

    Plus, you dealt with stupid people at work and got paid a lot for it - asking you to do the same for free after a long stressful day is clearly Too Much.
  • Yeah, I was going over my entries from those times and I bitched a whole hell of a lot, back in the day. That's not to say that I don't still, but it's not enough to reach through the apathy and post about it. I guess I've learned that you're pretty much always going to bitch and it's unproductive. I can't remember most of why I was bitching, even when I skirted around and tried to give some context.

    Also, I've gotten over the need to share, but that's a personal thing. For good or ill, I've retreated into 'no one needs to know my business'. I'm not certain, still if this is a good thing to be so reticient.

    Good to hear from you, though.
  • I haven't seen you in far too long.

    I can even point out that my present position at the Evil Empire is not mightily suckful, which comes as some surprise to me as I'm sure it does to you.

    We should catch up sometime after the holidays.
  • The image of you posting as Rorschach pleases me greatly -- but, yea, I can certainly get behind trying to post a bit more often with a bit more words.

    Good for you on having that all behind you!
  • I do like your posts and think it's wonderful we've met up on here. :)

    And I like to blame Facebook for all that is eveil in the world. :)
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