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I often find myself wondering, given the greater degree of…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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right., er
I often find myself wondering, given the greater degree of interconnectedness via online, if schizophrenics are starting to form their own distressing and alien worldview in communication with each other.

And what that might mean to the greater world.
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      • I got that, doroc_sabah. :) And my thought is not 'you get Schizophrenia potentially from online interaction' but 'rationalization of causality on one's schizophrenic perceptions might potentially be shared via online interaction'; I've been noticing a fair bit of cross-contamination of ideas in online explanations of reality that come off as vaguely out of touch, from out here- Mr. Icke and his lizardpeople seems to have become awful prevalent, for instance.
        I can see how it read easily as how you read it, tho. :)
    • As someone with schizophrenia in the family and a few flavors of crazy of my own, I found his comments neither dismissive nor tactless, and were clearly not intended to "sum up" the disorder.

      Your condemnation felt a bit naff, to be honest. If someone's offended, let them say so themselves, please - or at least don't utterly knock down an idea because it *might* offend someone. I can't speak for her, but I suspect at least one of my schizophrenic friends would find the topic very interesting.
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      • Re: Hope no one's offended, but this is what I've observed

        Your first paragraph describes 90% of livejournal. Well, 90% of the 10% that isn't Russian and isn't spam, anyway.
  • ...what do you mean, 'starting to'?
  • Dunno about schizophrenics, but I stumbled upon a blog and evidence of a support community for "high-functioning sociopaths" a few months back.
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    • This.

      Schizophrenics on the internet seem to wander into communities completely at random and rarely stick around.
  • Taking a swing at this with my limited psychology/neurology studies and experience with schizophrenics:

    I don't *think* so, because actively schizoid folks often have trouble communicating with other people and/or relating to them, because their own internal reality filter is so bent. Now, it is quite possible that someone might read about an idea while not-so-actively-schizoid and keep it around in their subconscious, and then have it become part of their wacky worldview. (Particularly for the paranoid sorts, at least in my limited experiences, but I know no schizophrenics without a hefty dollop of paranoia.)

    Also, if one likes the Jungian gestalt theories, one might assume that schizophrenics are drawing on such ideas. (For example: several hundred years ago visitations were from angels; these days, just as likely to be alien greys.)

    But the impression I get is that the schizophrenic's cracked kaleidoscope worldview is made up of pieces of what was already in her mind before the attack, and that it's pretty difficult for these ideas to be communicated even to saner people, much less to each otehr.

    Mind you, the idea of a meme-virus which "infects" schizophrenics and other nutters while they're sane enough to read a messageboard, and which then gets incorporated into the schizoid gestalt, is awfully interesting.
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