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Twin Peaks gets meta

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Twin Peaks gets meta

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man from another place

OK, so in the forthcoming season of Psych there's a coming Twin Peaks themed episode.
Featuring Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Catherine Coulson (The Log Lady)...

...living in Dual Spires, 'a quirky Northern California town that has been rocked by the death of a high school student'.

I am scared and awed all at once.
  • ....oh my god, that is AWESOME. YAY.
    • I know, right? I'm just amused by HOW MANY of the original folks are just going 'yeah sure I'm in'.

      And vaguely hoping this goads Lynch in ways that he's hinted he MIGHT be willing to go if he got a good idea.
  • I'm amazed at it, honestly. I can't wait to see it. They're Friday the 13th Meta ep was amazing, this should be too.

    Oh, I'd love that, if it did.

    • http://dugpa.com/2010/08/24/twin-peaks-articles-with-tease-from-lynch/

      To quote the pertinent part:
      But perhaps he’s too open to the random and unexpected to dismiss the question out of hand. “I don’t think it’s going to happen,” says Lynch in his flat, direct manner of speaking. Because it wouldn’t interest him? Lynch paused for the longest point in the interview. “Well, I always go by ideas. One night maybe I catch an idea and get all fired up about it and maybe call Mark Frost and write something. Who knows? It hasn’t happened yet.“

      I must admit it'd be hysterical to see.
      And I have this terrible image of Bobby and Audrey being the Catherine and Pete Martel of a 30-years-later Twin Peaks.
      • ...I could completely see that, especially after all those antics with those two and her dad.
        • & the Ghostwood development project having finally gone through... and providing retirement housing to several of the various cast members who are old enough, at this point, to be retirees.

          hahah I would need to talk to Frost and Lynch about what they thought would happen NEXT with Agent Cooper, but I could probably- with that bit of a bible in hand- write this MYSELF.

          Gone fishing, poodle.

          [gives him a glare that'd lift paint]

          [goes outside]
          The lonely foghorn blows...
          • Which reminds me, weirdly, someone keeps telling me that according to Lynch, Inland Empire and Twin Peaks are same universe. Have you heard anything about that?
    • --wow, I haven't heard that- but it definitely makes Inland Empire make more sense just contemplating it in that sense.

      I suspect the hanging point there is that both of them involve a fair bit of 'I am doing this not because I choose but because there's a spirit making me do it' (to dumb down the thought I have a fair bit).
      • Okay, I will have to watch Inland Empire and someone may have to supply me with Psych.

      • Probably, yeah. Which occurs in Lost Highway too, yeah?

        hey, lj. give me my NOTIFS.
    • OH ALSO
      when I finally watched Inland Empire with undivided attention I was watching the scene towards the end where there's the whole stabbing shit on Hollywood Boulevard-- and going '...oh chripes, they musta shot that at 4 AM... hahaha oh god I used to walk across that chunk of pavement daily, every other week, when I was contracting down in LA and staying at the Motel 6 that's a half-block away'.
  • and oh man, I'd forgotten Ray Wise has already been on Psych. I liked him on it too.

      Hell, his regular appearances on Reaper were MOST of what sold me on that show.
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