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So crossposting one's entries to Facebook is what everyone's freaking…

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So crossposting one's entries to Facebook is what everyone's freaking out about, right now. I just tested this: I attempted to crosspost a comment on my own locked LJ entry over to Facebook.

Now, the checkbox for crossposting was NOT grayed out- I was able to tell LJ to send it to Facebook. I told it to crosspost a comment on a friends-locked LJ entry- and it did not appear on my Facebook.

Either there's a great deal of shrieking going on about something untrue (not that that ever happens on LJ), or LJ is working EVEN WORSE THAN USUAL at accomplishing something they intended to. In future, I would suggest that people test things before they jump to a worst-case-scenario conclusion about what has happened.

Yes, Chicken Little, the LJ isn't falling.
  • I was aware of at least three people who tested and had f-locked stuff show up. rm counts as the fourth person.

    I'm with you on the testing..and that is the thing that bothered me most, other than the obvious feeling of "I don't like the idea of someone publicly linking to their stuff in my locked journal" issues. If this is going to be par for the course when it comes to implementing new features, it is only a matter of time before they do something that say...unlocks every post in your journal on accident, or something equally as ridiculous, for five minutes.

    Test, test, and test again in a beta sandbox.
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