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A tip for anyone who wants a more beefy flavor into their foodstuffs;

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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A tip for anyone who wants a more beefy flavor into their foodstuffs;

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Throw about 1/8th a tablespoon of cinnamon in per pound of ground beef. This brings a bunch of savory flavor from the beef forwards, without making one go '...am I eating (for instance) a lasagna, or a damned cinnamon roll?'
  • Yep, it's good in spaghetti sauce as well! Also a little sugar in spaghetti sauce is quite tasty too.
    • Yeah- I imagine it'd work well in doing Bolognese from scratch. I just tend to use beef in a lasagna or in a thai curry- I finally figured out the proportion that was able to give it a bit of breadth without one going 'wow, there's cinnamon in this'. ;)
      • The proportion was the part I could never figure out; thanks!

        Also, I have lasagna envy. My pizza dough experiment was a disaster, so no vaguely-Italian food for us.

        I also have cat envy, and may come and visit the furry roomie when it's (he?) calmer.
      • Yep, there's a fine line of adding just the right amount or else it's too cinnamony. Hmm, is that a word? Well, it is now I guess.
    • I've found ketchup to be a good addition (also amusing in the way it makes people boggle when you say this) to tomato-based foods. Not much -- I'm talking something like a tablespoon in a couple of quarts of chili or spaghetti sauce. You can't even tell that that's what you're tasting, but the tang carries through and really adds life to the other flavors.
  • (no subject) -
    • that's 'shake the shaker 2 times over a pound of meat', roughly: you can add more cinnamon as things cook if you're finding that it needs 'something'.
  • Y'know, just seeing that gif of Little Brother eating makes me recall that belch of his with perfect clarity.
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