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So somebody pointed out to me that my LJ is turning into a collection of links I found funny. Perhaps it's time to actually talk about something.
What do I talk about, hrmmm...

It's an interesting thing, this collection (titled 'Retro': it has 4 discs in it, and an eagle and a discoball photographed on the cover).
First, it must be said that I don't understand how these four keep justifying greatest hits collections to themselves (this is what, the fifth one I've seen?). This is actually quite a good collection, that said-- and since my copy of 'Substance' went missing ages back, this seemed a worthwhile purchase. It includes most of what's on Substance (though a couple remixes are missed): it also includes 'Touched (By the Hand of God)', '1963', and 'World in Motion' (the world cup theme they did for England's team ages back)-- along with a few tracks that I'd SWEAR I never heard before. It's very cleanly mastered-- and I am pleased by owning a copy of Touched by the Hand of God again.
I haven't listened to the live disc yet. The remixes are fairly entertaining.
If you have EVERYTHING New Order to this point, you won't like this terribly much, I fear. But if you're lacking the Substance collection, this will certainly fit that need and supply you with treasures beyond that.

(edited slightly, because 'If you're lacking Substance' was an inappropriate pun.)

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