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my goodness, but what HAVE I been paying AT&T for. This connection's…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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mucha mosaic
my goodness, but what HAVE I been paying AT&T for. This connection's about a million times faster and literally half the price.

  • You were paying them to avoid the frustration of searching for and then the irritation of implementing a change.

    (I do this all the time, actually. God I suck.)
  • Yes, but if it's a choice between Charter and Megatelco aka AT&T .. I'll have to take Megatelco. We get an 18mbp connection for $24 a month. They all suck . depending on where one lives and who one is dealing with. :/
  • For the record, com cast is also a trans friendly employer.
    • That IS good to know: I had been disliking going from one evil monolith to another. Now, I'm going from an evil monolith to a less-evil one- who wants less of my money for better service.
    • that's good to know.... I had been wondering about going for a cheaper AT&T package and felt like my Comcast was a luxury.
  • Told'ja.
    • You did- and you were completely right!
      Amusingly, a neighborhood outage of service started about an hour later.
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