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New word! (or not...)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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New word! (or not...)

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bad grammar
So up the hill from my apartment building is a church. This church is OK by me, generally: seems to generally be an older congregation, composed of people who've been in the neighborhood forever. They usually aren't blaring a lot of noise at me even on Sundays, & the congregation (when I encounter them) are polite and friendly neighbors, who ask how my day is, invite me to join them, don't get pissy when I say no-thank-you...
Now, my landlady doesn't want me smoking anywhere near the building, so when I smoke, I generally go stand in front of the church, as most of the week nobody's there to be bothered by the smoke. Today, after reading some particularly repugnant 'Christian' nonsensical knee-jerk conservativism masquerading as logic on the intertubes, I went out for a smoke and noticed something about the building's signage, which I hadn't really had jump into my forebrain.

The sign refers to the church as 'C.O.G.I.C.' I'm assuming this stands for 'Church of God In Christ' (no, not in Christ that way, can't you people read anything without thinking of sex?).
However, my new word of the day is 'cogic'- definition, 'that paralogia to which the devout are prone which says that the word of God is infallibly true despite any evidence to the contrary'. Cogic is why there's a Creationism museum somewhere in Midwestistan. Cogic is why the 'Reverend' Phelps stands around with signs declaring that God hates a portion of His creation.
Please use 'cogic' in good health.

Actually, please don't use 'cogic' as a term for faith-based reasoning- see comments as to why.
  • I believe that my point (poorly stated, I must admit) is that it isn't harmless. There are many, many, many examples of faith being exceptionally harmful and outright poisonous.

    You, as a gay man, must be much more fully and acutely aware of this than I am. I am extremely lucky that I was able to marry the man I love, legally. The only reason that you are not is because it goes against a few people's delusions about a book written 6,000 years ago by goat herders.

    If we get to a point where religion is taken entirely out of the public and political sphere, then I might agree with you. But until then, I sympathize with Dawkin's point of view.

    • I was raised in a Christian cult. I am about as negative to harmful forms of organised Christianity as it's possible to be, because I actually have been hurt by them.

      Nobody needs my gracious permission to be religious, or to be an atheist, and pretending otherwise just makes me look like a big jerk.
      • You are absolutely correct. I'm not requiring people to beg my leave when it comes to their faith, or lack of it. I am certainly not begging their leave to choose to not have any faith.

        I wouldn't mind their bigotry and their hate and their abject, bloody-minded ignorance being kept out of the public sphere, but we aren't there yet.

        I also wouldn't mind them holding off on spewing their ideals to children until the children actually are old enough to weigh facts and choose for themselves, but indoctrination, as I'm certain you are aware, is a fundamental part of their religion.

        They have the freedom to continue to do these things, just as I have the freedom to mock and criticize them for it.


        • Except, wouldn't it be nice if we all stopped mocking and criticising each other and just let each other get on with our lives?

          I have as little patience for atheists as I do for hit-me-over-the-head religious types, these days, because most of the really rude people who have said stuff to me about religion or the lack thereof in the last few years have been smug atheist assholes.

          And I'm not even religious. I can only imagine how upsetting and hurtful it would be if I actually were.
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