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New word! (or not...)

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New word! (or not...)

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bad grammar
So up the hill from my apartment building is a church. This church is OK by me, generally: seems to generally be an older congregation, composed of people who've been in the neighborhood forever. They usually aren't blaring a lot of noise at me even on Sundays, & the congregation (when I encounter them) are polite and friendly neighbors, who ask how my day is, invite me to join them, don't get pissy when I say no-thank-you...
Now, my landlady doesn't want me smoking anywhere near the building, so when I smoke, I generally go stand in front of the church, as most of the week nobody's there to be bothered by the smoke. Today, after reading some particularly repugnant 'Christian' nonsensical knee-jerk conservativism masquerading as logic on the intertubes, I went out for a smoke and noticed something about the building's signage, which I hadn't really had jump into my forebrain.

The sign refers to the church as 'C.O.G.I.C.' I'm assuming this stands for 'Church of God In Christ' (no, not in Christ that way, can't you people read anything without thinking of sex?).
However, my new word of the day is 'cogic'- definition, 'that paralogia to which the devout are prone which says that the word of God is infallibly true despite any evidence to the contrary'. Cogic is why there's a Creationism museum somewhere in Midwestistan. Cogic is why the 'Reverend' Phelps stands around with signs declaring that God hates a portion of His creation.
Please use 'cogic' in good health.

Actually, please don't use 'cogic' as a term for faith-based reasoning- see comments as to why.
  • Well said, sparkindarkness. I am tired of sitting on my hands and being polite while large groups of people in this country actively work to deny me my civil rights and to make me a second class citizen purely on the basis of how God made me. COGIC is one of those groups. I respect their right to worship. I just wish COGIC and groups like them and NOM would respect my right to live my life in peace.

    I attend an open minded church that works really hard to be a beacon of light and hope to my community. Their policy is to be inclusive of everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, economic class, or any other thing that makes them 'different'. They are actively going into the city to give help to the poor, to provide aid and hope to addicts, and lend color and fresh food to impoverished neighborhoods. I don't think anyone would argue that's a bad thing.

    But they don't use religion as a bludgeon to hurt people. They practice what Jesus actually taught, which is to love your neighbor. These are Christians. And I refuse to tarnish them by referring to them by the same name as people who use the words of a tolerant man (whether he be God's son or not) as a reason to hate. They do not follow the philosophy they proclaim to love.

    Now, apply that to any group that calls itself a part of a philosophical movement that denies the true beliefs of their movement in order to pursue an agenda of hate. Call their true beliefs cogic. Call it insanity. Call it what you want. But I don't see how it's offensive to real Christians or Buddhists or any other religious group to call it by the name of a group that is full of hate such as COGIC.

    I don't hate religious people. I don't deny them their right to worship. But I am allowed to hate what small, bigoted groups do in in the name of good people and to encourage true adherents of faith based groups to step up and stop these same bigots from abusing their good name. And I am allowed to resent the actions of hate mongers when they are directly aimed at hurting me and a lot of people that I love.

    Nothing said here was anti-religion. It was anti-idiocy. And if you can't tell the difference, fightingwords, then I don't know how to explain it any better than this.
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