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white-washing the neighborhood

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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white-washing the neighborhood

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fog and bridge
So the NOPNA (north of panhandle neighbor's association) puts out a 10-15 page piece of bad high-school level journalism about once a month. Among announcements of this community center's opening or that neighborhood block party, they put an actual story on the front page. This month's was execrable: apparently, a batch of my neighbors are protesting that the Bay to Breakers is run through the Western Addition. Like it has been for most of the last 100 years. Cringingly badly, the article complains about 100,000 to 150,000 people passing through the neighborhood- some of whom weren't even participating in the race, oh horror! Nevermind that the website for the Bay to Breakers race itself defines the race as having 60,000 participants. Uhm, if there's more than 60,000 people there, NOPNA, doesn't that imply that perhaps MANY OF THEM are not participating in the race?

Now, who's complaining? Every name in the article about complaints was whiter than Millard St.Smyth.
What really sticks in my craw about this, though, is this: I'd bet money that at least one of these folks whining about it has run in the Bay to Breakers, back when my neighborhood was deemed by many to be too threatening to stand around in. But that was okay, because they wanted to run in the race and nobody important was in this area who would really be inconvenienced (a comment on aversive racism belongs here, but I can't come up with a way of phrasing it genteelly).
And now that it's been pretty substantially redeveloped into somewhere pleasant to be, they want to whine about something that's been a feature of the neighborhood longer than they've been alive?

Fuck you, you NIMBYist cunts. Go back to Whitebreadistan and get out of my interesting, colorful, and diverse neighborhood.
  • I really adore you, Turner. I hate B2B and I generally clear out of Ocean Beach when it's run but I think it's a tradition that should continue...
    • Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the race either! But it's part of the neighborhood, just like the new median on Divisadero is, or the hordes of hipster douchebags that are disgorged at 2:15 all the hell over my front steps. What makes the neighborhood itself is all of these things, and those people who are in it.
      Heck, it's part of the city. Should we take up banning coolth, or railing against the pavement everywhere? I'd rather lose one morning a year of sleeping in / ease of transit to a celebration someone's enjoying than lose something that makes SF the city it is...
      • Yep. If one wants to live in a silent, serene, cookie cutter neighborhood without ever being inconvenienced by strange people, there's always the suburbs...
        • Yeah- what's great about San Francisco IS the strange people. heck, I, myself, sometimes am strange people.
          • You? No. I am no longer permitted to be strange...much, what with the progeny...
            • All you gotta do is buy a little black jumper for the kidlet, applique a white skull onto it, and voila- instant kid-safe strange. :D
              • You mean instant transformation of my child into a fashion accessory?
                • --huh, that is another way to view it.
                  • My mom was big into controlling what I wore as a kid. I suppose it's left me with *issues.* Mind you, my children do have some black with skulls, but I'm not consistent in any way. And (grrr), I've had to let Katie have the pink she wants.
                    • Thinking back, I was never too particular about what I wore, though sometimes I would prefer one thing over another.
                      Work acquaintances of mine, when they had a baby shower, got a black onesie with a skull on the chest and I thought it was the most sickeningly adorably perfectly them thing ever. ;)
  • (no subject) - oh6
    • I was surprised to discover it myself- 2011 is the 100th anniversary.
      I may need to get into shape and see how much of it I can do. seems appropriate, neh?
  • i love you too. <333333 forever. not for b2b, but for seeing the racial issues that lurk the western addition.
    • I've been living in my place for 14 years, at this point: I moved in when a little old black lady passed away who'd been living in this apartment. It's been gruesome to me watching how these white hipsters are moving in and treating the folks who are my neighbors with this casual disdain, as if hey- you don't matter, you're not a white hipster.
      FOAD, dickwads: these folks were here first, they've been systematically screwed by the city government for about 50 years at this point.

      Though I have to admit to a moment's irrational glee a couple months back when, after walking behind two twenty-somethings walking down Divis holding hands from McAlilster to Hayes, they turned- and I realized that no, she didn't have a boyish haircut, she was a boy- and so was the guy he was holding hands with. The 'hood's changed, over 14 years... and not all for the worse.
  • These sound eerily like the same kinds of fucktards who moved into lofts in SoMa so they could be near the clubs... and then complained that the clubs were making too much noise, and helped get some of them shut down.

    Grrrr. Hate.
  • Thank god there's still the Halloween party in the Castro...
  • You might not even remember me but I remember you were part of my most trusted group of friends on here about 6 years ago before i kinda gave up on LJ. Sorry about just leaving by the way.

    Anyway I've been being bugged by a couple "IRL" friends to get back into LJ and, thinking seriously about this, i went to see which of my friends were still active.

    And i think it's just totally dope that you're still around, journaling the fuck out of things. way to keep at it, i'm so happy to see your journal is alive! anyway this is a long way of saying i'm going to be reading my friends page, and if i can bring myself to it, posting entries.


    p.s.: i work in The City, although i don't live there anymore. i live on the peninsula. :)
    p.p.s.: This entry is hilarious.
    • Welcome back! And glad the entry afforded some amusement. Oddly, I'm only jUST back to LJ of late- your timing is impeccable.
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