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Weird... I keep finding posts in Tagalog among the peripheries of my…

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can't brain
I keep finding posts in Tagalog among the peripheries of my social group. What's strange to me is how I can read them and kind of spot out that Tagalog has taken a hell of a lot of words from European languages and made them its own.
And then I find myself reflecting on how odd it seems, to me, for a language to have not had a word for 'masculine' for hundreds of years of being spoken. Does this mean they also didn't have 'feminine' before the Spanish turned up? Does this mean there wasn't a concept of masculinity? Does this mean that I think too much?
  • Tagalog grammar does not recognize gender, which is why older Filipinos still confuse "he" and "she." Also it would be fair to say that Tagalog is 1/4 Spanish due to Spanish colonization over 500 years ago.
    • ah-hah! Thank you for making me wiser about how Tagalog works. ;) I couldn't conceive of a language without gendered pronouns... now I'm wondering what different behaviors would emerge from it.
      Just offhand, I imagine that pre-Hispanic Filipino culture may have had a far more tolerant attitude towards same-sex relations...
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