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So AT&T is officially fired: me calling and saying 'my line gave out…

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mucha mosaic
So AT&T is officially fired: me calling and saying 'my line gave out @ 9:30 tonight instead of just getting wonky @ 9:30 like it's been doing the past few days' got an hour and a half of tech support babble from 1st tier support- my use of phrases like saying 'Hi! Thanks for picking up to help me. I've rebooted the modem 6 times, I'm directly connected to the modem even, but my computer can't see it in IE or Firefox when I use the IP address printed on the sticker underneath' did not get me auto-bumped to tier 2. Nor, did the tech support person I spoke to seem to even know what that meant.
Oh, and if a remote technician doing a line fix doesn't work tomorrow, they can get a tech 'round to deal with this on Monday.

So, looks like I'm getting a new ISP.
  • I'm still pissed that we are stuck with AT&T/PacBell over here because of the fiber crap. Fortunately the service so far has been tolerable, which is to say nothing is broken and they don't bother us. But they may be nicer to fiber customers.

    But as for tier 2 support: when we had a tech out at the previous address, the poor bastard had to call the same number you did. And the tier 1 idiots took a while to figure out who and how to transfer him to, put him on hold, and then even tier 2 was not real bright and asked if he'd tried rebooting etc while the poor tech sat there going "no, it's the fucking switch at our end, trust me". I wanted to pat him on the head and give him beer. (We used Speakeasy, but the problem was due to ATT not having flipped a switch when we moved in, thus this problem.)

    Best wishes, and if you have a laptop and want to visit our internets, you're always welcome.
  • AT&T is just appalling. As much as I wanted an iPhone, their coverage and service dampened the desire a lot, and I get a ton of functionality (and better coverage) with my Blackberry over Verizon.

    I am so sorry you have to deal with that crap. So many of us NEED internet at home for work that this "durrrrr" approach is just unacceptable.
  • Lots of people lately have been having problems with ATT... I wonder what's going on?

    (My issues were about two years ago; obviously things haven't changed much at all!)
  • I just switched to Comcast a couple months ago after my own issues with AT&T. This is after being an AT&T DSL customer for 10+ years.

    Part of the reason I went with Comcast was the speed/price compared to most DSL providers, but the biggest reason was the speed of install. Simply went to the Comcast office and picked up a modem. Did an online order first, to get the online only price, then picked up the modem so I wouldn't have to wait for it to be sent (they sent another one anyway...). This meant I was up and running in a day.

    Most DSL providers take at least 2 weeks to provision a line.

    Before: http://www.speedtest.net/result/736432069.png
    After: http://www.speedtest.net/result/736471732.png
    Today: http://www.speedtest.net/result/852861288.png

    Hope you get it worked out!

  • FWIW

    just to hear myself talk, as you've made a decision...

    AT&T seems like one of the worst ISPs in most locales. I have had fairly decent Comcast luck this latest go round. No major outages, so I haven't had the hell of dealing with customer support.

    For TV I swear by DirecTv as the difference in service is astounding. 2 weeks ago there was a problem with my DVR which required a reboot. It was remarkable in that I never have trouble with it, but I shrugged the reboot off. The next day I got email from DirecTv admitting what the problem was, and apologizing. It was a failed software upgrade. I posted that if it had been Comcast, I would have been arguing with a tier 1 in india about whether there was a problem.

    AT&T phone service is so bad as reported by my iphone buddies that I don't consider it an option. And their recent usage plans make it clear to me that they can't currently afford to make the service better, and plan to bring in much more money (and shape people's usage) as the way to fix that. No thanks.
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