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...wow, I'd forgotten how strongly the Buffy episode where her mom…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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i love this show... (by punkr0ck3er)
...wow, I'd forgotten how strongly the Buffy episode where her mom dies ('The Body', for those following along at home) is written.

Joss, why don't you write this good, anymore?
  • *nod* Incredibly powerful. So much so that all my loved ones forbade me to watch it alone... and Hell, yeah, did it resonate when I finally did.

    Maybe Joss will come back from the (wrong) dark side... I live in hope.
  • Maybe because people fawn over everything he does these days so why work so hard?

    I'm far from his biggest fan, but I definitely noticed stronger writing in those first few seasons of "Buffy" than anything else he's done since.
  • I have mixed feelings about the actual writing strength of 'the Body'.
  • I can't watch that episode. It aired only about a year after my mom died and it wrecked me.

    However, I think a great deal of that was the lack of incidental music and how stark everything was, that episode was a masterpiece.
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