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God, but Robin Hood- Men in Tights was a shitty movie. I mean not…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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God, but Robin Hood- Men in Tights was a shitty movie. I mean not merely a bad movie, but an 'avoid viewing this if you don't want your IQ to drop' movie.

Which is sad, as I adore Mel Brooks outside of this film.
  • Although the Sheriff muttering "treyf!" when Robin tosses the boar onto the banquet table was almost worth it. Almost.
  • Honestly, Spaceballs wasn't that great, either. More of a parody than a satire, though it was pretty good parody. But nowhere near the brilliance of Blazing Saddles or The Producers. Though I don't think either of them were as awful as you say. Spaceballs had some good bits, just not as many as one might like; Men In Tights was... I wouldn't call it inimical to the viewers' intelligence, but I would say that it was a pretty-much complete waste of the viewers' time. Totally un-entertaining.

    I'll stick with old, pre-stroke Mel Brooks.
  • I think the problem is related to the parody nature of the movie. Spaceballs pointed out the biggest stupidities of the Star Wars movies; RH:MIT had just one movie that wasn't really all that good to start with to mock.

    When you start with crap to parody, it's hard to rise much higher.
  • "Hey, let's take all the jokes we did in When Things Were Rotten, dumb them down, and capitalize on this Robin Hood trend!
  • ugh, I LOATHED that movie. I have friends who totally loved it. ALl I could think during it was "I AM NEVER GETTING THESE HOURS BAAAAAAAAAAAACK"
  • I didn't quite loathe it, but I was also using it as a tool to remove the taste of Kevin Costner from my mouth, so my expectations were not high. Also, Westley in tights. But I seriously doubt I'll ever need to see it again.
    • Yeah, I was gonna say, this movie had Westley in tights, and that's all I remember or care about. ;-)
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