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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So End of Time: Part 2 aired: RTD's last helming and authorship.
Some thoughts follow.

in some ways I'm forced to assume Mr. Davies thought we'd all be too hungover to notice.
-Martha and Mickey? Aren't they in different dimensions, Forever Separate?
-The Zappy Glove of Rassilon?
-hell: The Double-Oh-Seven of Rassilon?!?
-did anyone look into what 500,000 rads does to all the bipeds we know of, and how quick it does it?
-was Rose really so effing dim she wouldn't have noticed that 10 looked so much like Mr. Random Guy on New Year's, 2005? I knew she was stupid but...
-how did Donna's head not explode, again?

Davies did a nice job of the human touch, and voiced the problem I've always had with the Doctor's pacifism- his willingness to play 'let's you and him fight'. Wilf was very well-written, and his last bit on-camera had me bawling. Past that, I'm fairly sure that we're better off with Moffat. Hell, I'm pretty sure we'd get more coherent production values out of Aaron Spelling- AND HE IS DEAD.

I'm hoping for a 3 Doctors ep where we get to see the full context on that brief bit of real-time 10 that we see in 'Blink', sometime: that'd be awesome.

Nice work, Mr. Tennant, and thank you for bringing The Doctor back so emphatically, Mr. Davies. Godspeed you both.
  • Mickey came back, he stayed in the eps where all the Companions got together and fought.

    2, 3, 4, I agree.

    Sometimes, I do think Rose is that dumb.

    The Doctor left a failsafe in her head: she went to sleep, so as not to deal with head-going-boom.

    I mostly liked it, I still love Mr. Tennant, but I want a better ending for Donna.
    • Yeah: they messed up. Could've had The Doctor turn up at her bedside and take away his lifeforce ('this happens, when a timelord's dying: he pulls his own lifeforce back when he finds it'), saving her life. Simple enough!
      What if her new great wealth involves her in some alien scheme, though... She's not entirely written out.

      Wilf's last bit onscreen just TORE at me, though. Damn that man's a good actor.
      • Oh, goodness, yes. I hadn't thought of that pulling-out-of-lifeforce, although it's not like there won't be a new Companion. It still irks me, I want Donna to have a better ending. I'm still hopeful, now that I've slept on it.

        Wilf tore at me through the whole thing, I just love him!
    • I'm also remembering mickey ending up in this version of reality.

      I thought it over at the time and decided, yes, Rose is that dumb.

      I agree on all the rest.

      Bernard Crbbins' acting was just heart breaking.
  • Re: Zappy Glove

    I took it to be a sign of just how fucking mental the Time Lords became at the end of the Time War, especially given the fact that it was being wielded by Rassilon. It made for a nice visual (certainly better than any kind of "mental" powers and the grimacing involved) and was a clear sign that they had wound up several AU beyond The Deep End at that point.

    But, yes, I'm ready for Moffat, even if I'm still not entirely convinced by Matt Smith yet.
    • I was dubious about Smith until I saw him at work. He did a great job of combining the childishly enthusiastic and the slightly loony that have always characterised my favorite Doctors. 'What else, something important... oh right! I'm crashing!!! :D' just had me giggling madly- and giggling with, rather than giggling at.
      Nice point on the Zappy Glove there, too.
  • I didn't mind the zappy glove of Rassilon nor the 007 of Rassilon.

    What irked me in that department was... (dramatic pause) ...Rassilon?! Isn't he dead and gone? (wow, that sounds like a song)

    I didn't mind the 500K rads, but what I did mind was the 15 minutes (yes, I timed it) from getting zapped to regenerating. Feel free to add to my peeve if you want to time from falling on the floor to regenerating. I think I would've been happy with the Doctor falling on the floor, lying there as the Doctor and the Time Lords chat it up, then the Doctor regenerates into 11 and does what he does. Then he saves Wilf, gets zapped, but manages to un-bake thanks to running on the recent regeneration energy.

    I liked that the 'Woman in White' was never canonically identified. As the internet rumor goes, she was supposed to be the Doctor's mom (so, The Mother) but they decided to not say. This way, I can imagine it was his grand-daughter, Susan.

    I fully agree about the whole Donna thing.

    The fact that the gun made an ominous clackety-clack every time the Doctor turned around really irked me.

    Although I wish they'd made mention that the Master's little geno-replacement trick had turned up all the undercover aliens on Earth (since both Old Who and New Who have hinted that there's oodles of aliens posing as humans), I can see why they'd ditch it in the name of, "If it doesn't further the story, don't clutter up the place with it".

    I liked it, though!

    PS: Eleven's intro bit seemed a tad paltry compared to Ten's "Hurmph. New teeth" intro bit
    • I think the 15 minutes was meant to be internal to the Doctor.

      Ten was very much against the idea of dying and regenerating. That's why he put off going to see the Ood.

      And when the healing of his face signified the regeneration was starting to happen, my feeling was that he was holding it off with force of will until he could say goodbye to Wilf, Sarah Jane and her kid, Mickey and Martha (married?!), Captain Jack and Rose. Once he'd done that, he still didn't want to go, but couldn't hold it off any longer. You even saw that in the bit before he said goodbye to Rose. It was trying to forge onward then, but he held it off long enough to do that one last thing before taking the Tardis skyward and letting it have him.

      Edited at 2010-01-04 03:39 am (UTC)
  • - No, Mickey and Martha sauntered off with Capt. Jack several episodes ago, because Rose brought him back in the episode where all the companions worked together to get the Doctor to come save the world.

    - I agree with your poster below who says that was just to show the Time Lords had gone completely bazooky.

    - I was surprised, but pleasantly so.

    - No, but we are talking about a Gallifreyan biped, aren't we, not a human one. And we've seen the Doctor absorb radiation/energy too much for a human before. Ironically, that's what turned nine into ten.

    - The Doctor was intentionally standing in the dark. So I don't think Rose got a good look at him.

    - I think that blast that knocked over all the Master clones bled off all the metacrisis energy so she was no longer in danger of death by headasplode.

    • - No, but we are talking about a Gallifreyan biped, aren't we, not a human one. And we've seen the Doctor absorb radiation/energy too much for a human before. Ironically, that's what turned nine into ten.

      We also saw him playing around with the roentgens in Smith & Jones and that was a fairly substantive dose. As you said: it was taking a hell of a lot for him to maintain himself by that point, which is why the TARDIS was crashing.
  • (no subject) -
    • 10.5 is fine. He was a separate body who has, as I recall, only the 1 heart and can't regenerate. The only bit leftover from that was the Doctor's hand, and that got consumed a few eps ago. So I figure 10.5 is fine, and may have had a "someone walking across my grave" moment when 10 regenerated, but other than that, he's okay.

  • And no more shall I hear my favorite exclamation of "Oh YES" that does not involve sex. Alas.
  • I repeat, it irritates me that yet again, Martha is getting Rose's sloppy seconds.

    Also, I wanted so much more for Donna.
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